Zelensky returned to the Parliament the law on civil service: suggested that the President

The head of state wants to protect officials against dismissal in the event of a change of leadership

President Vladimir Zelensky rejected the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments (the bill # 3491) to the law “On public service” regarding the candidate reserve. He returned to Parliament this document with their proposals.

About it reports a press-service of Office of the President.

He considers it essential to guarantee for civil servants of category “A” independence from changes in political leadership of the state and public authorities.

In the category “A” includes: heads of Central Executive authorities who are not members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and their deputies; heads of offices of the constitutional court, Supreme court, high specialized courts and their deputies; chairmen of local state administrations; heads of civil service in other state bodies whose competence covers the entire territory of Ukraine.

Zelensky proposes to abolish the provisions which established that the subject of destination may on its own initiative to dismiss a civil servant from office “A” category, according to the proposal of the Prime Minister or the respective Minister or head of the Central Executive authority within four months from the date of appointment of the Prime Minister or the respective Minister. In other words, the new Prime Minister or head of Ministry will not be able the first four months to dismiss the civil servant, who was appointed by their predecessors.

Civil servants will be without ranks and bonuses: what will change with reform of the civil service

The President also wants to strengthen the Commission for higher corps of civil service. He proposes to include in the composition of the Board of representatives of the main state institutions, able to professionally assess the person applying for the position of a category “A” regarding his professional competence.

The period of quarantine, the President proposed to permit the assignment or transfer to another position of civil servant without competition, if the appointment is urgent. If the person does not meet the professional requirements for a certain position or the position became vacant after the transfer of a civil servant in another place of work, then a contest within two weeks after the lifting of the quarantine.

As reported “Today” in the autumn of last year in Ukraine introduced a civil service contract. The Parliament adopted a law that simplified the appointment and dismissal of civil servants.