Bright cards May 1: greetings, poems, prose and pictures

Bright cards May 1: greetings, poems, prose and pictures

1 May send a spectacular greeting cards, Wallpapers, SMS and greetings to relatives and friends

Olga Kozachok

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Congratulations on 1 May, the labour day, spring, flowering and prosperity! We wish you and your families good health, happiness, passionate love, unforgettable experiences, inexhaustible income, good luck and belief in the best!

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In this spring festival do not forget to congratulate your relatives, friends, girlfriends, colleagues. And we have prepared for you a colorful postcard, stunning photos, colorful pictures and cute greetings from 1 May.

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The best greeting cards and wishes to the May 1 holiday


This bright day of spring
Raise the mood.
With May Day! With labor Day!
Be happy always!

Let favorite work
Does not seem to care –
This is happiness, not trouble.
Congratulations on labor Day!

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Festive greetings may day in verse


Let celebrate together the home country
A day of Peace and the Sun of Spring and Labor!
Let it be luck let the luck will be,
Never leave let the inspiration!
Work will not be loved,
The family will be quiet, calm and peaceful.
Let enough health for many years
Let past any adversity.
Smiles, kindness and warmth to you now!
Day 1 May I congratulate you!

Spectacular congratulations on 1 May in prose


Congratulations on 1 May, a holiday of Sun, Spring, Peace and Work! Let any cause for which you undertake, you get excellent, satisfying, brings a reward and happy their results! I wish you success, creativity, creativity and friendly support in any endeavor!

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Congratulations on 1 May cool


There Comes A Day,
The rest of his meet!
Though it’s labor day –
Lazy does not matter.

Gaining fast forces,
To work is not crippled,
After all, we have to work in moderation,
And in order to be nerves.

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Kind greetings from May 1 to SMS


Bright day in early may
A holiday of peace and labour.
You happiness I wish
And the health of the year,
Many years, love without end,
To smile, not be sad
And, smile flashing,
With a positive life!

May 1: wishes colleagues in prose


1 May I congratulate you and wish your work was feasible, interesting, worthy, conscientious and highly paid. Wish vigor, vitality, enthusiasm, ideas, knowledge and effectiveness. I wish to stand firmly on their feet and move confidently towards your dream, not afraid of obstacles and barriers. Let you will be rewarded by deeds and merit!

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Beautiful greetings for May 1 in their own words


Congratulations on labor Day! I wish your work always bring a worthy fruit in the form of pleasure and money. Let the work will be a joy. Let the goal be realized, and Finance abound! Goodness, warmth, prosperity, good luck and prosperity!

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