During his visit to the US Zelensky want to arrange a mini tour

The Ukrainian leader is not limited to only one meeting with the President of the United States

President Vladimir Zelensky was advised to go to the United States after the American election, but the Ukrainian Ambassador Vladimir Yelchenko considers that this could happen before the election. The main point is not the date of travel, and that she was as well-prepared, rich and productive.

He told about it in interview “RBC-Ukraine”.

“It could happen before the election, but the fact that we are working on a serious, well-prepared visit, not a visit for a visit. If we were talking about such a visit, he would have already taken place, or we would have tried to organize it before the election,” he said.

The diplomat explained that we are talking about the full visit with the obligatory visit to two or more States. According to him, Ukraine is preparing to open a Consulate General in Houston (Texas) – the Embassy want it opened by the President of Ukraine.

American reception: when trump may invite Zelensky in the White house

“Texas is a huge business, gas, oil. This could be a trip to California, while none of the Ukrainian President was not there. This could be a trip to Washington, in Seattle, where the fastest growing Diaspora in the United States. In Seattle and around, according to our data, works around 70 000 Ukrainians, this number developed over the last ten years, this new Diaspora. They were working in areas from fisheries and to various IT giants. This is all very promising topics, and we would hope that the President Zelensky will be able to visit Seattle,” – said Yelchenko.

The Ambassador noted the important point: for the success of the visit should the signing of major documents, and they still need to prepare, trade agreements, agreements on investment and the like.

“We have some serious projects, they are in the stage of preparation to implementation”, – he concluded.

Note that the first meeting Zelensky trump led to the launch of the impeachment of the President of the United States because of alleged pressure on the Ukrainian leader, when it was declassified them on the phone. But now that the scandal with impeachment resolved, Kiev and Washington last official meeting between the presidents. As reported “Today”, January 31 arrived in Kiev U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. At the meeting with him Zelensky has told about the meeting with trump. At the same time, we note that if the visit will take place after the American elections, the American President may already be and not trump.