The energy Ministry opposes import of electricity from Russia and Belarus by the end of 2021

Ukraine has enough of its generation to provide domestic consumers, and export

The Ministry of energy opposed to the Ukrainian market were allowed electricity imported from Russia and Belarus, as Ukraine has enough of its generation. According to the Ministry, the ban should last until the end of 2021, About July 27, said acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec during a press conference, according to ExPro.

“We object to the import of electricity in our country… According to our calculations, this year and next, we see no need, we have enough of their generation in order to ensure its domestic consumers and export opportunities. That is why the government, at the initiative of the Ministry was introduced a specific bill (No. 3657 – ed.) which we provided a temporary ban of imports from Belarus and Russia by the end of next year,” said Bukovec.

Also the acting Minister noted that electricity imports from Belarus and Russia will negatively affect the process of integration of Ukraine in the network of continental Europe (ENTSO-E).

“Any talk about importing from these States will undermine our sync and weaken our generation,” added Bukovec.

She also noted that the Ministry of energy supports an increase in electricity exports, in particular, SE “NNEGC “Energoatom”.