Ukraine and Italy lifted all restrictions on flights

The Ministry of transport has again started to give the nod to new routes

Ukraine and Italy have completely removed restrictions on flights between the two countries. This was reported in the Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air, which after the announcement of five new flights to Italy announced another 17 routes.

“Last week Ukraine signed a new air services agreement, which fully liberalized market between the two countries. After that, the aviation authority of Italy (ENAC) has granted the rights to the routes Wizz Air”, – quotes the statement of the company profile publication Avianews.

Fly mode on the principle of “open skies” between Italy and Ukraine initiated in 2015, the Ministry of transport of Ukraine. He began to act in 2016. The authorities could prevent any route on any airline.

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However, on 31 January 2020, the aviation authorities of Italy informed the Ukraine that the Ukrainian airlines received quite a lot of rights to the routes. It was actually a red light to issue new permits, which the state began to reject the request of carriers.