The expert explained, if the locals catch “Poltava terrorist”

Locals should behave like in quarantine, says security specialist

Residents of the district, where lies the armed Roman Skrypnik
that was held hostage a policeman and later chief of criminal investigation Department of the Poltava regional police Department Vitaly Shiyan, it is not necessary to participate in the search and detention of the fugitive.

About this site “Today,” said the former head of the criminal intelligence service GUBOP Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, expert on security issues Valery Chickens.

According to him, we must try to avoid possible contact with wanted, not to move around alone.

“The locals have to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that I can meet this man, so you need to behave as quarantined. In addition, local residents strongly encouraged to engage in self-examination of those premises that has been empty for a long time. This is very important. By the way, no need to listen to yourself to inspect such objects. It is the task of law enforcement. If he is someone will take hostages, I suggest to these people to let him know that in case of undiminished it provides a service to yourself first and foremost. After all, the court will take it into account as a mitigating circumstance” – summed Valery Chickens.

We will remind, in Poltava regional Department of the national police, said that Roman Skrypnik has military training and survival skills in extreme conditions, so so long looking for “Poltava terrorist” – the fourth day

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