Where is a sympathetic “I — Saint-Petersburg”?

I personally from my angle, the center of Latin America, something not seen in European social networks collective emotional litany when the people 2.0 wears a majestic color, “I — Saint-Petersburg”, as it was with London and Berlin, Paris, Orlando, and other nice. I had not seen, incidentally, of the movement “I am Istanbul” in December after a bomb explosion at a nightclub in the Turkish metropolis.

Have emotions, it appears, too, have double standards! What makes us think about our ideology. Killed and wounded in the subway, the Russians were not so far from Paris, and their deaths were not less terrible than the fate of the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. So why the last — are our brothers, and the second is not worth the attention? Is there some kind of gradation of experiences depending on the nationality of those who die in the explosions? The attackers in both cases — the same people, and all of us, I think, ought to show equal solidarity. In November 2015, the Russians were with us in Paris, as their king, whom the media teach us to hate.

We didn’t think about the tens of thousands of casualties among Libyans who were fired from our guns by order of our leadership. He was better and we all know what he wants this nation, and we with great disdain allowed him to destroy himself. We read Le Monde, Libération and Le Point, and therefore knew who Gaddafi, even though it hasn’t set foot in Tripoli. We knew this much better than the Libyans themselves, and so we escaped a sigh of relief at the sight of his gruesome murders. Perhaps we would allow to happen the same (and exactly the same articles in the Newspapers) with Bashar al-Assad, whom we have so much time to describe how etching your own people of the bloody dictator. When we suddenly show a video in which that Assad himself was greeted as a hero by the Christians of Aleppo, we just shrug and call everything propaganda.

We, of course, very strong. We don’t get off the couch, open the Newspapers and turn on the TV. We are the best, much better than by foreign peoples, know what is good for them. We are so smart that we know that our democratic system is right for them, although they themselves did not ask for and did not call us. Sometimes we are ready to accept Iraqis for Syrian on, of course, permitted by the MFA demonstration for the terrible overthrow of Bashar al-Assad.

This tendency to believe in their own omniscience in total ignorance and to defend it against all facts, waving the latest article some Geoffrey Laurent (Laurent Joffrin) is closely intertwined with the double standards of feelings, of which I spoke. They reflect the ideology that you forcibly pushed into the throat, as food sent to foie Gras goose.

Recently received a blow to the heart of the Russian people — a great nation. And in these dark hours we would do well to recall the history of the friendship the French and the Russians, about what we owe them in the historical (they are in the same way that the Americans contributed to the liberation of Europe from the Nazis) and cultural plan (where they particularly Shine).

It’s amazing how impervious to reality we become because of our ideology: their leader, Vladimir Putin, to whom most of our puppets, like children, do not want to hands, is leading the fight to those who wish us dead fundamentalists. Unlike American and European leaders, he is the one who demonstrates a complete understanding and absolute steadfastness in relation to them. He has played a major role in their expulsion from Syrian cities. Unlike us, he never secretly funded their branches with an eye to the needs of the military-industrial complex. In a historic speech at the UN General Assembly in December 2015 (everyone can see) he condemned the compromises and lies of the West, has drawn a clear line in the quest to play the role of a leader in this acute issue. And, as I think he achieved it that is no accident.

But, you say, he is not a Democrat, there is no press freedom, and in Moscow banned gay pride parades. I admit, I would be happy if homosexuals could prove himself there as well as in Paris and Orlando. But don’t have that. I am able to admit that my model is imperfect and does not fit all that history moves at all different speeds, and that others have a right to at their own pace to come to what we ourselves sought for so long.

In addition, I am convinced that the victim is still a victim. And that ignorance, conformism and moralism need to fight, because of them, we shed tears here, but just shrug there, although we are talking about very similar situations.