The day of the presentation in more than 20 Metropolitan churches a lighted candle will help such kids

In Kiev, February 15, the feast of Candlemas and the world day of children with cancer in 20 monasteries and temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will be held charitable action “Help such kids”.

According to the information Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, referring to the Bishop, boyar Feodosia (Snigireva), the proceeds of candles that are purchased on this day will be sent to the pediatric Oncology Department of the capital.
“Such action on the day of the presentation of the Lord is our first. A good initiative was joined by more than 20 monasteries and temples of the capital. Everyone will be able to purchase a Candlemas candle and light for the health of not only their loved ones, but also about savii children with cancer. Funds acquired from Candlemas candles will be donated to children undergoing treatment at the Oncohematology Department of the Kyiv regional clinical hospital and Oncology unit of the National children’s specialized hospital “OKHMATDYT”. Also, the temples will be supplied special boxes for donations”, – said Archbishop Theodosius.

Charity event takes place with the blessing of the Primate of the UOC his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry.

Next year the action will be done on a larger scale.

Kiev monasteries and churches that participate in the charity event “Help such kids”:
1. Pokrovsky monastery (Bekhterevsky lane, 15).
2. Jonah monastery (vul. Timiryazevskaya, 1).
3. The tithe monastery (vul. Vladimir, 2).
4. The Church of the Nativity on Raw (Sciusev, 33A).
5. The temple of All grieving pleasure in Babi Yar (Park “Babi Yar”, metro station “Vokzalnaya”).
6. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Obolon (St. Peter Degtyarenko, 22).
7. Temple of Vladimir icon of mother of God on Lukyanovka (Artema str., 86-88).
8. Church of the Yaroslav the Wise on birch (Dnepr embankment, 2A).
9. The Church of St. Nicholas (vul. Dragomanova, 1).
10. The Church of St. Spyridon (Les Kurbas str., 7-D).
11. The temple of the Mother of God near the lake Telbin (vul. Shumsky, 3B).
12. The Church of Michael, Metropolitan of Kyiv (vul. Shelkovichnaya, 39/1).
13. The temple of Princess Olga at the Kharkov array (verbitskogo str., 3G).
14. The Church of Adrian and Natalia in a Forest (Forest Avenue, 32).
15. The temple of St. Paraskeva in Osokorky (Dnieper embankment, 18).
16. Temple of Vladimir icon on the Vineyard (St. Georgy Gongadze, 19).
17. The temple of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk (vul. Antonovich, 115).
18. The temple Roman the sweet-singer (vul. Laboratory, 15A).
19. Temple, Nicholas Jordan (vul. Frunze, 47).
20. The Church of the Nativity of the virgin (str 8/6, Tsarskoye Selo).
21. Temple barbarians at the Kyiv regional clinical hospital (baggovutovskaya str., 1A).
22. The temple of the Holy Martyr Valery in Hydropark (metro Hydropark).
23. The Dormition Church on Poznyaky (ul Tarnowska, 4).

According to the information Center of the UOC, 19 February at 14.00 in a continuation of the campaign “Help such kids” in the auditorium of the Cultural centre “Kyiv Jerusalem” (Kyiv, vul. Ovruch, 7) when Theodore Church will be opening the exhibition and auction of artwork of children with cancer who are undergoing treatment at the Oncohematology Department of the Kyiv regional clinical hospital.