Gerashchenko said Putin “Russophobia” to Ukraine

The attitude of Ukraine to Russia corresponds to the actions of the occupiers, therefore, the Ukrainians need to stay away from such a neighbor. About this he wrote in Facebook Deputy speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko in response to the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin “Russophobia” to Ukraine.

She recalled that at the time, Putin accuses Ukraine of “Russophobia”, the majority of Russians, according to polls, consider Ukraine as a hostile country and one of the main enemies of Russia.

“No, that’s not Russophobia. This is much more serious and forever. This understanding who is the enemy and murderer, a looter and a robber, an invader and occupier, sneaky neighbor who hates Ukraine, while demanding from the Ukrainians love birch, balalaika and Russian world, Russian tanks and little green men without chevrons. From such a mad neighbor should stay away,” – wrote Gerashchenko.

She believes that it’s not a phobia, but a statement of fact.

“Farewell, unwashed Russia” – it is our goal to break away, for the survival of Ukraine”, – said the politician.

As reported, Vladimir Putin yesterday in Hamburg at the end of the G20 summit at a press conference said that Ukraine’s leadership sells “Russophobia” and separates Ukraine and Russia. Although he believes that the interests of Moscow and Kiev coincide.