The American Conservative (USA): as a non-profit LGBT organizations and their funders-billionaires are reshaping the world

In his article published in the New Yorker in August 2018, by Elizabeth Kolbert (Elizabeth Kolbert) said, “Modern class of philanthropists solves problems or creates new ones?” In this article, Colbert described a form of charity, which aims not only to help people, but to “fix” them. Of course, this “fix” should fully meet the views of the philanthropist on what is meant by the correction. And to the people who need to “fix”, treated like children, that is, the philanthropist decides what’s best for them.

Colbert describes how this form of charity becomes in operation. In this case we can add: it is transformed not only in operation, but in an extremely self-serving form of social engineering. A clear demonstration of these processes is that charity, which is behind the modern LGBT movement.

Organizations and movements to protect the rights of sexual minorities that have arisen during the American sexual revolution of the 1960-ies, it is not like those giant influential non-governmental LGBT organizations working today. What began as popular support for the idea of legal and social acceptance of same-sex relations, has grown into a full-scale effort for transformation of society, with the rainbow flag of LGB has now been added and transsexuality. Renaming transsexualism, in transgender, the movement has successfully ensured that the norm was recognized by various disorders of sexual development, which in another way are called intersex conditions. We stepped very far forward since Stonewalls riots.

Probably the most pernicious idea that is promoted today under the banner of protection of LGBT rights, has become an amorphous concept of “gender identity”. Gender identity is how people perceive themselves in relation to society-defined stereotypes about gender roles. But this term is not only descriptive. It is prescriptive — that is, if you believe the supporters of this movement, every person has the right to force others to accept their chosen identity. And every person has the right medical ways to alter your body so that it better reflected his gender identity. Given that the pharmaceutical lobby is the most powerful lobby in Congress and that some of the most influential philanthropists behind the LGBT movement, have links with major pharmaceutical companies, this medical aspect is important to pay close attention.

“Gender identity” and “transgender” ideology originated in Western cultural landscape is not more than 10 years ago, but they are spread around the world with the speed and ferocity of the pandemic covid-19 — and inflicted almost as much damage. However, based on large-scale related changes that we have observed in the language, legal, medical and criminal statistics, in the “security zones” for women in sport, in educational opportunities, such as a healthy teenage body freak hormonal therapy and how to change the educational program K-12, is not the enthusiasm of the masses. On the contrary, they are based on charitable financial assistance from the billionaires that are directly related to the primary beneficiaries of this radical ideology — with large pharmaceutical companies. Many of the most influential philanthropists behind the movements of transgenderism and gender identity, earn a lot of money on dissociative disorders and the transformation of human sex in a medical product.

Consider the example Rothblatt Martina (Martine Rothblatt), the self — proclaimed transsexual and transhumanist, who was the first person that has made legal document in support of the idea that the sense of inconsistency of the inner world of physical sex — this is normal. In this document, which later became the International gender bill of human rights (International Bill of Gender Rights), stipulates that bodily dissociation is the norm. Rotblatt later became one of the richest leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry, using their money and influence to promote the ideology of transgenderism. He is convinced that sexual dysmorphism is the moral equivalent of South African apartheid, and therefore it must be eradicated.

Jennifer Pritzker (Jennifer Pritzker), together with his family — one of the richest families in the United States — have invested huge money in various American institutions, promoting the idea of bodily dissociation, which is hidden under the euphemism “gender identity”. The Pritzker family has invested a lot of money in the medical-industrial complex.

In 2000, another billionaire named Jon Stryker (Jon Stryker), heir to a multibillion-dollar medical corporations, has created an enormous non-governmental LGBT organization called the Arcus Foundation. With money earned his medical Corporation, Stryker has created a huge global charity organization that he had to create a separate structure to monitor its activities. In 2006, the Arcus Foundation funded the creation of the Movement Advancement project, allows to track complex system of human rights activities and flows of funds that have already found ways to introduce the concept of gender identity and transgender ideology into the culture.

The Arcus Foundation invests millions of dollars to push gender identity and transgender ideology in American law, at leaders training courses in the field of political activism, political leadership, legislation regarding transgender, religious freedom and civil rights. The list of organizations that Fund transfers of funds include Victory Fund, “Center for American progress” (Center for American Progress), American Union civil liberties, “the Council for global equality” (Council for Global Equality), “Center of protection of the rights of transgender” (Transgender Law Center), Trans Justice Funding Project, the organization OutRight Action International, Human Rights Watch, UN, Amnesty International and the national organization GLSEN. Actually only from 2007 to 2010, the Arcus Foundation has transferred more than 58.4 million dollars to programs and organizations whose work is connected with the LGBT movement, becoming the major sponsor of the LGBT movement in the world. During the same period of time John Stryker personally transferred more than $ 30 million of those funds, which brought him his medical Corporation.

Translation: the medical Corporation is extremely interested in the fact that more and more people considered themselves transgender, transfer funds directly to their charity Fund so that the Fund conducted active campaigning, attracting more money and clients (life) to this Corporation.

The Arcus Foundation has allocated millions of dollars and other charitable organizations, such as Tides, Proteus and Borealis. We can’t say with certainty whether these organizations provided them with the means to instill the idea of the normality of transgender people, but we can assume that they are unlikely to ignore the matter, so important to Fund Arcus.

Together with the Pritzker family Foundation Arcus sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to colleges and universities, including Columbia University, Yale University, Vanderbilt University, University of Chicago, University of southern California, University of Washington, and many others. Arcus has also allocated funds to coalitions of blacks in the United States and Africa, organizations of Latinos and indigenous people, youth and adolescent organizations, armed forces and broadcasters. Millions of dollars were sent to the organizations of lesbians, including in Africa, and the lion’s share of these funds went to the Astrea Foundation. The Arcus Foundation is funding sports organizations, such as Alley and Youth Athlete Can Play. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were transferred to the organization “Planned parenthood” (Planned Parenthood). The Arcus Foundation provided a substantial grant, Joanna Olson-Kennedy (Johanna Olson-Kennedy) — a very controversial character on the transgender stage. This Fund also finances projects of the prison and immigration organizations working to represent transgenderist children the norm. He also funded various religious organizations around the world.

In 2015, together with the Foundation Novo Foundation is a charitable non-governmental organization under the leadership of Peter Buffett (Peter Buffet), son of Warren Buffett, who helped to launch this project, giving $ 90 million, — Arcus has allocated $ 20 million for promotion directly to the transgender ideology. In 2018 Arcus funded “Council for global equality,” a coalition that includes 30 U.S. human rights groups advocating for the inclusion of LBT in the foreign policy agenda and development programmes.

Extremely large-scale activities! And receive any grant from the Arcus Foundation depends on the willingness of the recipient to follow the principles of “diversity and inclusion”, which, of course, is to support the ideology of gender identity and transgenderism.

Support the transgender movement and the ideology of gender identity provided by many philanthropists, including Tim Gill (Tim Gill) and his Foundation, and George Soros and his “open society Foundation”. Like Martin Rotblatt, Jennifer Pritzker and John Stryker, Jill, who has invested huge money in development of artificial intelligence, and Soros, who has invested heavily in large pharmaceutical companies, directly extract financial benefits from increased demand for modified bodies and consciousness, which they all hope will be the fruit of their charitable activities.

It is amazing that this obvious conflict of interest is almost not discussed. Even the American psychological Association is the leading scientific professional organization representing psychology in the United States, with more than 118 thousand members, receives funding from the Arcus Foundation. In 2005 the Association created the INET to help its member organizations to psychologically improve quality of life of people with a different sexual orientation. Before the advent of the ideology of gender identity and receipt of money from the Fund Arcus network INET of the American psychological Association has focused exclusively on LGBT issues. In 2008, the Association established a Working group on issues of gender identity and gender variance, and in 2015 she developed a guide that should help psychologists in providing competent, culturally-appropriate development and a constructive psychological support to transgender people and people with gender dysphoria. Psychologists are encouraged to change their views on gender and to expand the range of variations that can be considered normal and healthy.

Can democracy withstand such “appeals”, backed by rich philanthropists? Can a true democracy exist in a time when hiding behind the Fig leaf of charity, billionaires can so easily and quickly destroy the reality of biological sex, bribing charities, politicians, scientists and professionals Association? We’ll soon find out.