In what currency better store savings

In Ukraine, more than $ 60 billion is on the “hands” of the population. In conditions when a large number of banks had not complied with the measures for recapitalization and were closed, the Ukrainians do not rush to open Deposit accounts. Experts are sure that the savings should be stored in multiple currencies, for example, in francs and dollars. In addition, part of the funds, analysts are advised to invest in precious metals.

“We would suggest still to diversify their risks and to divide their investments into multiple portfolios: 60% to invest in the currency, putting money on Deposit in a reliable Bank and 40% to invest in shares of “blue chips”. Including 60% that we offer to invest in the currency, you can distribute equally between deposits in national currency, a dollar Deposit and a Deposit in euros. Rates at banks are low, but the money can be guaranteed to save, if, of course, invest in a reliable first-class banks”, – says the analyst of “Alpari” Anton Kozyura.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association asset protection Alexander Situo believes that more important is not a fixed structure of savings and financial mobility, the ability to quickly launch this structure to change, to move from one currency to another. In Ukraine is extremely difficult. The fall in the Euro against the dollar has brought significant losses to the owners of the European currency, and it is likely that this process is not completed.