Church on fire: a quiet assault on the European civilization? (AgoraVox, France)

In a recent article about the fire in the Cathedral of Nantes historian Edouard Yusson anxiously noted the increase in the number of fires in Catholic churches in France over the last two years: he counted 27 occasions from may 2018 (at least 13 of them — of a criminal nature). All of them were in the press. To them you should also add a fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Cathedral of Nantes, whose reasons still not been established. Added to this is a large and growing number of acts of anti-Christian vandalism in Europe (approximately 3,000, of which slightly more than 1,000 in France, according to statistics of the Ministry of interior). Finally, some of the fires have severe impact on the artistic heritage of our history: Notre Dame Cathedral, Saint-Sulpice, Saint-Denis, the Cathedral of Nantes.

How is it that in France every month illuminate the Church, but it raises questions of the media and the government? Why do we not see active investigation to identify the perpetrators and their motives, if there is evidence of malice or suspicion in his account?

A weak reaction of the Church authorities raises questions about how France, “eldest daughter of the Church,” gave up the religion that was the basis of her story with the baptism of Clovis in 496 year. It’s even worse: in Nantes, the historical body of 1621, the most valuable and rare antiquity, a masterpiece of our cultural heritage, one of the most beautiful organs in France, was completely destroyed along with the stained glass Windows of the XV century. And priceless beauty of the Notre Dame Cathedral last year.

Saving faith in Christ in Europe is one thing. But is it possible to prevent the destruction of European Christian heritage? To put up with the destruction of the cathedrals, organs, of Bach’s music? If one no longer believes in Apollo, you need to tear down the ancient Greek temples? Once we no longer revere Ceres, you need to burn the creations of the Latin poets? No, because they are part of the treasures of humanity, the best creations of the people of one time and place, treasures that enlighten and elevate us comfort, when we look at them, we say: Yes, man is capable of it.

If you believe some commentators, nothing terrible has happened, “was not dead”. Nothing wrong? The complete destruction of the past on through the ages of 1621 years of master Girard, who was expanded and restored masters Clicquot in the eighteenth century and Bechet in the twentieth century with 5 500 manually created pipes, five sets of keys and pedals? It’s not scary? What, then, is scary if not a loss is priceless, not the destruction of one of the most beautiful creations of art?

What a pity that we so poorly understand the treasures of our own culture, European culture, based on the heights of Greek, Latin and Christian civilization, the wonders of our continent, which the world admires, but not ourselves, because it’s so bad they know. For example, China is literally fascinated by our bodies, whom we let fall into decay, the greatness of the science of their construction, the magnificent repertoire of their works (both religious and secular), the genius of how the thousand tool was written under the vaults of our cathedrals. One Chinese performer recently told me that if her country were such bodies in such buildings, concerts every day collects a full house…

The destruction of the historical on — serious incident for France and the whole world, because gone is the masterpiece of world art. In addition, the likely criminal nature of the fire (the fire started in three spots at the level of the organ and the altar) should give us pause.

If the fire was intentional crime, its authors, whether anarchists, Satanists, religious fanatics or the bullies are pure barbarians. Barbarians have no place in the Republic. They must be found, punished or expelled. Rome died because of the excessive tolerance of the barbarians, in an open or secret enemies who have infiltrated all strata of its society and destroyed it, both inside and outside. We will not repeat this mistake and will fight against barbarism in all its forms, without fear of asking awkward questions. After all, if the source of this barbarism is a radical anti-Jewish, religious or civilizational ideology, the instigators of our churches — the same people who demolished the statues of the founders of our history or want to put their religious laws higher than our Republican. You need to recognize it and deal with it. If this barbarism carries the desire to destroy the West and its fundamentals, its history, memory and art, the need to fight for their preservation. If they destroyed the body in Nantes and attacked the concert hall in Paris, because, according to some medieval radicals, instrumental music is a shameful pleasure, we need to defend our music and its tools, our civilization if it became the target of attacks.

You need to investigate, punish, incapacitate manipulators and disseminators of barbarism.

To our bodies and councils have not joined a long list of plundered and irretrievably lost to humanity art, like Roman and Parisian statues, Armenian churches and the remains of Greek civilization in Syria and other Eastern antiquities that Europe was stolen, but not destroyed, and the carefully preserved and now seeks to return. Need to no culture no longer destroy the other, we began to protect our own, made love to her among all the children of our European republics, regardless of their origin and ancestors. Maybe we should go on Sunday the whole family to an organ concert? The organ platform is an entire universe, which is as intriguing as the cockpit (while flying around the lovely sounds). In addition, there is usually pretty cool.