Yomiuri (Japan): at the main naval parade President Putin announced the combat ships to the Russian Navy supersonic missiles “Zircon” and the creation of tools capable of overcoming the American missile defense system

On 26 July in Saint-Petersburg took place the main naval parade of Russia, dedicated to the Day of the Navy. The ceremony was attended by the commander of the Russian armed forces Vladimir Putin. In his speech, he announced the creation in Russia of means of combat, able to overcome the U.S. missile defense system and equipping of ships of the Russian supersonic missiles. He said: “In Russia are developed and put into service the latest and not having analogues in the world types of weapons, including missiles “Zircon” and unmanned submarines”.

On 26 July, the Russian defense Ministry reported about the successful firing of the ship class frigate supersonic missile “Zircon”, reaching speeds of Mach 9 and having a radius of 1,000 kilometers. This indicates a significant progress in upgrading the Russian Navy.

Putin is in a hurry with the production of the troops of new types of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, which could serve to deter an American missile capabilities after US withdrawal in December 2019 from the Contract on liquidation of rockets of average and small range. Reported put on combat duty near the town of Orenburg connections ICBM “vanguard”, as well as the transfer of part of the air force supersonic air-launched missiles “Dagger”, can reach speeds of Mach 10.

In conditions when in February of next year may be terminated only remaining of the contract on reduction of strategic arms — start-3 — and the complete uncertainty in the prospects of its extension, Putin activates the creation and implementation of new missiles aimed at curbing missile capabilities of the United States.

Comments Japanese readers


Yes, with an enemy like Russia, the thing to be dangerous! Something I will answer in Russian America? To be honest, the former President Obama, allowed to strengthen the military power of Russia and China, deserves contempt. This Nobel peace prize winner turned out to be a wimp!


If Russia with such a military capability combined with China with fewer military capabilities, then America wouldn’t stand a chance. Vladimir Putin and XI Jinping is still relatively young, they have plenty of time. In America, that trump that Biden is already obsolete gerontocracy. Japan, too, with Russia and China is not necessary to joke. You need to seriously join the club “Five eyes” — U.S., UK, Canada. Australia and New Zealand. This may be our salvation.


We should not forget that Russia is still the strongest in the comic aviation technology. While it is far to the West, even America. On the ISS, people, equipment and supplies to carry Russian missiles.

And the su-35, su-57 is a powerful modern machine. Whether will be able to resist the us F-15 and F-35? Their ability is questionable even in comparison with Chinese fighters.


It is not necessary to forget and about psychological aspects of war. Whatever the real tactical and technical data from the Russian “Zircon”, “the Poseidon”, etc., but is itself a demonstration of their presence has on the opponent’s deterrent effect.


Japan should honestly face the truth. We are surrounded on all sides by powerful enemies, and above all, Russia and China. On America too much to hope for. We need to force ourselves to strengthen our own defenses.

jesk 6618

Putin thinks about the strengthening of the military potential of Russia. It is not time to think about how to make richer the Russian people?


And we were fed with tales about the fact that Russia’s economy is in ruins. What ruins it, if the country has so much money on expensive military programs, including the Navy. And because in Russia, from hunger yet no one dies!


That’s what it is, Russia! Money for military spending is significantly less than that of America. So she tries to “take” the latest military developments.

We in Japan also need to act in a similar way. Using its economic and technological power, Japan needs its own to strengthen its defense capability, and by cunning maneuvers to defend its interests in the “clutches” of the U.S.-China confrontation!


Japan’s GDP is 3 times more Russian! What should we learn from Russia? To lead our military and military-technological level in line with its economic power!


Don’t underestimate Russia! Her nuclear torpedoes — this is serious. Their nothing to stop it. Against the “Zircons” powerless aircraft carriers and ships with Aegis missile defense systems.


And yet strange. How can Russia with military spending of $ 70 billion to develop and put into service more advanced technology than America with a military budget of 700 billion dollars?!


To the Japanese people from Putin’s remarks and only heard the words of Russian arms, military potential military power. Is the person representing the Russian people, nothing more to say to the Japanese?


Let Putin not showing off their “Zircons”. The Americans have already a powerful laser system that these Russian supersonic missiles stop at times!

xstapl 6359

Have supersonic missiles “Zircon” very low accuracy. Nuclear torpedoes “Poseidon” does not have an Autonomous orientation on the terrain and require external control. Boasting this weapon is an ordinary PR. Regarding its combat effectiveness, there is a lot of doubt.


What remains to Japan after all these threats with nuclear torpedoes and supersonic “Zircon”? To cheat, to pretend that we are continuing these never-ending talks on the territorial issue, and by all means to strengthen its defense capabilities. First of all the fleet. And especially those ships that will be able to sink the Russian ships with “Zircon” and nuclear torpedoes.


What do want this Russia? This is a powerful extensive rich country with hardworking people. It could become a worthy member of the world community. And she only heard that about the weapons and threats. Isn’t it better to live in peace with all countries and trade with them? And then talking about supersonic missiles, and they themselves the economic downturn, infrastructure is no good with the coronavirus can not cope, resuscitators them and then burn!


Or maybe Russia is to change public policy? Stop to pretend to be a superpower, being on 11th place in the world in GDP is close to South Korea? Because Korea itself a superpower does not think. Maybe we should put all efforts into the development of its economy and create people quality of life, truly worthy of a great power?


With such weapons, which we are afraid of Putin, it is time for Russia to start a Third world war. For 3 days she defeated America in a week will conquer the whole world. After all, to confront her in the world no one can.

All learn the Russian national anthem!


This is outrageous! In the world such resources are spent for military purposes. To ultimately kill people. And none of the superpowers can’t really deal with the true evils of the world — cov!


Let’s go over the Japanese archipelago impenetrable steel net and calm down!