Critics of the “Rotterdam+” want to shift the blame for the crisis on “green” investors – Tynna

The expert described the factors because of which the monthly damage on the electricity market reaches 1 billion

Profits provides not own solar and wind power, and the people in the National Commission exercising the state regulation in energy and utilities, government energy companies, said the co-founder of the Ukrainian Association of renewable energy Igor Tynna, writes “Gordon”.

The deputies, whose actions led to the deepening of the crisis in the electricity market, trying to shift the blame to the renewable energy sector. Such an opinion in a newspaper column for the publication “economichna Pravda” expressed co-founder of the Ukrainian Association of renewable energy Igor Tynna.

“A little more than a year ago, the party “servant of the people” actively criticized the purchase of coal according to the “Rotterdam plus”, and I was warned that the reform (nedo)energy market will lead to more serious consequences. Now, when there is an unprecedented plunder of the traditional energy market, MPs are trying to put in this guilty little renewable energy sector,” wrote Tynna.

According to him, the monthly harm from abuse in the electricity market is 1 billion UAH. Tynna clarifies that we are talking about purchases by state-owned companies of fuel at inflated prices, artificially low forecasted electricity production volumes from renewable sources, the lowering of tariffs “Ukrenergo”, a fictitious overstatement of the quantity of electricity at regulated prices and other factors.

Some MPs, according to Tynna, trying to shift the blame for the crisis on investors in renewable energy sources that supposedly “huge profits”.

“Profits provide the solar and wind farms. The most profitable business is to have loyal people in the regulator of the national Commission on the state monopoly – “Energoatom” and “Centrenergo”. This is a game for big boys,” said the co – founder of the Ukrainian Association of renewable energy.

The formula “Rotterdam+” operated to calculate the cost of coal to establish the forecast cost of electricity exclusively for industrial consumers in the period 2016-2019 years. It was to include the cost of delivery of coal from the hub Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp for the whole coal. The formula was abolished on 1 July 2019 with the introduction of the electricity market. After that, the price of coal and electricity for manufacturers has increased.

July 10, on behalf of the Office of the President of Ukraine and with the mediation of the Ministry of energy, the state company “Centrenergo” has signed a contract to buy Ukrainian coal price import parity calculated by the formula “Rotterdam+”.

The price of gas for the population since February 2020 set by the same formula “Amsterdam+”. The government Alexey Goncharuk introduced, and the government of Denis Smagala approved the Memorandum with the IMF, this approach to determining gas prices for the population. It will incorporate the cost of delivering gas from the Netherlands – exchange TTF.

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