Intelligence told about the trophies APU Donbass

The representative of the Gur noted that he had managed to gather the whole range of Russian UAV

The Ukrainian military as trophies have collected all kinds of drones, which Russia uses in Donbas. This was explained in an interview with “Today,” the representative of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defence Vadim Skibitsky.

To a journalist’s question whether the military has some interesting trophies, he answered: “Yes, of course.”

“We collected a whole range of unmanned aerial vehicles, that uses against us, the Russian Federation. The whole “line”. With their help, the invaders made intelligence could direct the artillery, to send SMS to our soldiers, for example, the following: “Soldiers, ZSU! You checkout kohaut RDN!”, etc. Their drones are constantly improving. According to our information, the units (occupants) and the representatives of manufacturers of different weapons. They are in combat conditions, monitor settings, make adjustments and upgrade equipment and weapons,” said Skibitsky.

As reported “Today” in the spring in the Donbass APU was hit by a drone Russia for two million dollars. Military handed shot down the UAV to the appropriate personnel of special units to explore data from storage media.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has developed a special gun against the drones. With the help of a special device the enemy drone can be put in three minutes.


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