Pagan rituals in an Orthodox country

Orthodoxy in Russia is booming, because the leaders led by Vladimir Putin pointedly make it clear that they support the Church. Despite the fact that think themselves Christians, the majority of Russians, the country is still some pagan traditions.

“Horse head man means,” says Catherine kostrigina looking at the hot wax solidifying in the glass of cold water. In her Moscow apartment gathered some girlfriends, to find out their future pagan ways.

By candlelight women staring at a piece of melted wax, which they have to predict what will happen next year in their personal and professional life. Then they burn crumpled paper and carefully look at the shadow that falls on the wall which should open up other mysteries.

These rites of divination, which is massively practiced in the period from Christmas (January 7) to Epiphany (January 19), resemble the traditions of the ancient Slavic pagan peoples. These traditions are not lost after the adoption of Christianity in 988.

“We believe that at this time we are released from our obligations to the Church, because Christ was baptized on January 19 and between Christmas and Epiphany, the world is still influenced by paganism, and we can call the spirits,” explains Catherine kostrigina, which is Orthodox.

“So this is the best time to know your future,” — says Ekaterina, architect and scenographer, worked in a number of Moscow theaters. She’s going to melt the wax in a silver spoon with the help of a friend, love Soldatikov.

Since a prerequisite for these rituals is the complete absence of anyone of the participants of iron objects such as rings, earrings or belt: a human body should be completely free.

Also usually cook pies, in which they place a coin, a pepper or a ring. From someone who gets a cake like this, the whole year will not be financial problems, but a lot of interesting developments or marriage.

“I have to be an interesting year!” smiles Love Soldatikov, noting in his piece of cake pepper.

Natalia Shpakovskaya, 39-year-old masseuse, working in a prestigious salon in Moscow, says that since his school years loves favorite tradition of unmarried women, which is as follows: before the Baptism, the woman asked the first comer on the street his name. This will be the name of her betrothed.

“One day my classmate was very upset because the name of the passer coincide with the name of the ugly guy in the class, — says Natalya. But after a few years she met her future husband, and it is also just called”.

“People are not always satisfied with what they find out about their future. But it all depends on how to treat this, what’s the status of your soul” — Catherine kostrigina.

“When you are sad, you always see only the negative omens. When your soul opens towards happiness, positive changes will not keep itself waiting long,” assured Catherine.