Independent (UK): Bitani and the USA begin new cold war with Russia and China — what are these countries trying to hide?

A new cold war, waged by the West against China and Russia escalates with each passing day. During one week was exposed by the Kremlin, which was trying to obtain secret information about the vaccine against coronavirus, over which work the British experts, and, as promised, will be presented revealing information about the secret intervention of Russia in British policy.

Boris Johnson has dramatically changed the attitude towards the company “Huawei” (Huawei), stating that Britain will stop purchasing equipment for 5G networks produced by this company, because it is a threat to UK national security. However, curiously, the threat of smoldering, as to completely remove the application generation 5G developed by this company, it will be possible only after seven years.

USA could make a popular Chinese video-app “Tiktok” (TikTok) in the black list, with the result that the Americans will not be able to use it. The administration is considering the use of the act of 1977 “On economic empowerment in case of emergencies on an international scale” (International Emergency Economic Powers Act) to apply sanctions against “Tictac” as representing “exceptional and extraordinary threat” to US security. According to the President of trump, he is considering a ban of the application in response to the actions of China in the context of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

This is the key to understanding the main motive, which guided the trump, forcing a cold war against China. This motive is his determination to be reelected to the presidency, diverting voters ‘ attention from his incompetent policy in the fight against the pandemic, which led to catastrophic consequences. “Do not defend trump’s attack China” — such a recommendation, give the authors of the 57-page memo distributed in April among Republicans candidates for the Senate and leaked to the media. In the memo to politicians-Republicans are encouraged to blame China in that he started the epidemic, he leaked virus from a lab in Wuhan, that he provided false information about it and secretly accumulated and held large stocks of medical equipment needed to treat patients.

A striking feature of the diplomatic offensive of the US and UK to China is that it almost provoked critical attacks and even discussions from representatives of various circles in the US and the UK — even by those who usually automatically condemns all statements and actions trump or Johnson. Perhaps it is because these critics really shocked that China truly oppresses Uyghurs, intends to introduce dictatorial rule in Hong Kong and shows its military might in the South China sea and on the Sino-Indian border.

As during the “first” cold war in the late 1940-ies and 1950-ies, critics can easily be ignored, waving from them as the supporters of the Communists or naive simpletons. It is not surprising that the presidential candidate of the Democratic party Joe Biden reacts to confrontation with China, demanding that the United States took a tougher stance against Beijing. And the establishment of the Democratic party always expects that their long campaign, which aims to portray trump as a creature of Putin’s Russia, aktiviziruyutsya and seriously weaken its position in the elections.

I always thought that the statement of Hillary Clinton that she lost the presidential election of 2016 because of the intervention of Russia, was absurd. (As in the case of a statement trump that in fighting the epidemic of coronavirus, the United States suffered a complete failure, resulting in the huge number of people, the blame mainly China). Each story its disastrous election campaign shows that it failed for obvious reasons — it’s their own fault. In particular, it was not conducting a normal election campaign in key Northern States such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, in which trump won with a minimum margin of votes.

The change in the position of Boris Johnson in relation to the company “Huawei” can only be explained by its inability to withstand the pressure of Washington, as Britain leaves the EU and becomes even more dependent on the United States. “Deflection” to Washington in the case of “Huawei” is only the first of many such humiliations that are the inevitable consequence of Breccia. Instead of trying to regain the right to control their own destiny, Britain Boris Johnson seems to be more like little Red riding hood lost in the woods of the world, which will be afraid of every passing wolf.

Probably, the use of retaliation can be justified by the fact that the Chinese and the Russians do behave badly, but it is much better to inflate the magnitude of the threats is to distract attention from the incompetence of the British government in the fight against the pandemic, what is it surpassed only the United States and Brazil. It is possible that in the case of attempts to steal secret information from Western scientists and pharmaceutical companies trying to create a vaccine against coronavirus, considerable efforts were made by the Russian intelligence in the face of hacker group Cozy Bear. It is less clear why such information should be secret, if only these institutions and companies are not going to retain exclusive control over any produced by the vaccine, unlike the vaccine against polio, which the United States gave the world immediately after the height of the previous cold war in the 1950-ies it was created by American scientists.

Representatives of the current and former leadership of the British secret service with a scowl, give interviews about what a threat to the national security of the United Kingdom represent the machinations that build Russia and China. But what exactly is this threat, no one ever speaks, and management of intelligence can always say that this would have to reveal secret information that is not subject to disclosure.

I’ve always had doubts about the inspirational statements on the outstanding success of British intelligence, which became part of the British national myth. To replace the history of the defeat of the Spanish Armada, which was for the British a source of national pride and confidence, came the Saga of deciphering ciphers of the German Enigma (Enigma) during the Second world war.

But I always wondered what the UK has big secrets that hostile foreign powers are eager to learn and need to keep secret at any cost.

The British officials with whom I met for many years during the wars in the middle East, never seemed particularly well-informed, but there was always the possibility that they will behave very cautiously, or to keep a distance from those who possess this critical information. But when in 2016 were published all the results of the investigation about the actions of Britain during the Iraq war, held a Commission headed by John Chilcott (John Chilcott), it became clear that sufficient information about what was happening in Iraq before and after her entry into the war in the coalition, headed by USA. Britain did not possess. As for the Libyan war 2011, then, as follows from the hard-hitting report prepared by the special Committee of the house of Commons on foreign Affairs, Britain was not “accurate intelligence”, nor much idea what’s going on.

Four years later, the RAF started to bomb ISIS positions* (terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in Syria amid fierce debate, during which all parties took for granted that Britain was capable of something more than a mere demonstration of military force. But nine months after the bombing, which caused such fierce debate, the Committee of the house of Commons on defence under the chairmanship of Dr. Julian Lewis (Julian Lewis) has prepared a report according to which for nine months, there were only 65 of the air attacks, as the British air force had no information about the location of the positions of LIH*.

The British forces also failed to identify 70 thousand armed fighters for the anti-Assad opposition, though it would seem, on their behalf and for their support, the UK participated in painful operations. No wonder Johnson was so taken aback when the new Chairman of the Committee of the house of Commons intelligence and security has not been elected Chris Grayling (Chris Grayling), his candidate who is known to make serious mistakes, and an experienced and critical Lewis.

Against the backdrop of threats and counter-threats of a new cold war simply be forgotten (and the goal, of course, is that we have forgotten) that the world is unable to contain the pandemic, which died half a million people. Today, despite all the differences, how ever, requires joint international efforts. And the lack of unity today more than ever dangerous. “Why is it that people find it difficult to unite and fight the common enemy, which kills people indiscriminately?”, — exclaimed in despair, the Director General of the world health organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus), who failed to hold back the tears during a speech earlier this month. — Do we not understand that our differences and diversity contribute to the spread of the virus?”.

This week he got the answer to your question from the “knights” of the cold from around the world — a thundering “no.”