Horoscope for June 25-July 1: the Rams planned a marital crisis, and the Lions can find out who sharpens them

ARIES. Not undermines the marriage boat! Blessed — blessed be your soul mate, live peacefully, love each other, help family, children, senior households, respect the family tradition. You — Atlant, which keeps well-being in the home, and marital crisis, which is planned for the week, needs to take things to the next evolutionary level.

Family area — optimal self-realization.

TAURUS. Magic of your charm effect on others, like a boa constrictor on the rabbit. Therefore, to improve relationships with loved ones, family, healthier psychological climate, where there is high emotional stress, will be easy.

Be my guest, but at the same time, be helpful, tolerant, help everyone by putting a sense of duty in the first place.

If not enough money, rein in your appetites and tighten the belt, take should not be. Develop a family business, reasonably host at home with her family.

In any job you should make a highlight of beauty and aesthetics.

GEMINI. Live full and squeeze out of being high emotional pleasure. Every moment is designed to give heartfelt pleasure, accumulating forces for the future.

Take care of your children, loved ones, the climax of a beautiful relationship can be considered when the beloved shares your thoughts, has a similar Outlook, and is able to become a true friend. It’s real.

But keep in mind: the partners (business, marriage) for you “seducers” and “black” teachers, provoke negative hidden traits. Do not give in, fight and eradicate this vicious stuff! Antagonism and enmity between the two of you shouldn’t be.

CANCERS. You are brave to recklessness, overflowing with expressive feelings, the desire to pass the barriers and obstacles to test the strength of their own energy is incredible! However, self-affirmation at the expense of the destruction — after me the deluge is unacceptable.

Negotiate and adapt to circumstances. If there is no energy taimoorazy from the outside world, it is a sign that you are too selfish, and paid little attention to the reaction medium. And I must detonate in people of similar quality and light them on big things. The way to prosperity is through compromise of interests.

A job change is inappropriate, rake the old debris and the labour beware: it is here that the evil one catches the fraud artists on the hook. Remember: the employer is not a competitor and not a servant, but the chef messed up — get the enemy.

LIONS. Around you all the secret becomes clear, premonitions, suspicions are justified. If you know about the unpleasant things (for example, who is hidden after you tooth), deceit, betrayal confirmed, it is wonderful enough to go to the fools.

Backstage romp in the middle, avoid adventures, learn to keep the secrets in your hands hidden leverage, and it is a great strength. If properly used, the results will exceed all expectations.

With their friends and families — a painful grinding of the relationship, but here you are the commander and benefactor, so taxi on his own script. However, all acts will have to bear strict liability.

VIRGO. Ante up, time to overspend, make important purchases, gifts. At the same time strengthen your business won earlier career positions, perform assigned work with joy, creative inspiration. Look for even the slightest sense in any case (it always is) that gets in the way, inaction is fatal.

You have tremendous energy potential, which is necessary to implement, otherwise this “dynamite” explode from the inside. Not family narucite, she makes a profit. And you do not disappoint, and put back force, a financial sponsor. Because in unpaid debt to his family.

The manifestation of true love is caring about the household. But if the worm of envy begins to erode the soul, which is a bad sign. Be generous this year, you are given wealth beyond measure. Share.

LIBRA. On career (biznesowa) Sunny horizon, emotions are running high. Be bold, authoritative, but not authoritarian, as a professional, you reached the highest potential strap, no task are not intimidated. Stick with official subordination, read the boss, colleagues, companions raskulachivanie you for their good luck charm. And remember that personal actions and decisions depend on the fate of subordinates.

The problems of society are also on the agenda, to exercise active citizenship, to educate in a spirit of brotherhood, teamwork. But riots, protests do not make.

SCORPIONS. Join in the preparation of a springboard for career (biznesowego) takeoff. This is actually due to experienced business companions, best secret communications, informal information sources, the support of the Trustees, the secret patrons. However, everything must be under cover of secrecy. It is difficult, because the public needed to demonstrate their achievements, talents, therefore, the leak natural.

If aktiviziruyutsya the topic of money, the measure will be material goods will Wake up envy, you know — it’s a tricky trap and impurity. Dirty dog distracts you from the main problems knocks with the right program.

ARCHERS. You are dependent on foreign interests, resources, hearts and wallets, and they are at your service. Only moderate appetite, keep yourself in the moral framework, do everything with a clear conscience and discover all the best plenty: of love, respect, health, money. Personal Hobbies and interests should be translated into the category of professional, it is here that your creative impulses will find fertile ground.

If you work in a large team, with strict rules or a cohesive team of like-minded people, can take on the role of leader, but it will not save you from having to work along with all.

In the intimate sphere, everything is fine, love you, but don’t put this gift on the conveyor of the satisfaction of personal interests or selfish whims. Here it is reasonable to take the time to give.

CAPRICORNS. Near you influential self-sufficient experienced partners, align with them, maintain an equitable relationship with the boss, employers, clients, colleagues, pray for the perps. Equality, fair distribution of benefits and responsibilities, respect for law is important. Theory and practice go together side by side, so the harmonious combination of the practical failures and the real opportunities plus creative efforts bear fruit.

Attention climbers: worthy competitors, you have a lot, do not relax, and grasp all you charge to employers, and be in them in favor.

AQUARIANS. In the service of the perturbations are a dynamic pace. Labor enthusiastically pull the plow, plow to the conscience, “repertoire” loads and responsibilities expand, the requirements of leadership will increase. However, you, the masters of all trades, in no way intimidated. Stick with official subordination, and on the go learn professional knowledge, then will be rich and will add health.

The scope of happy chances, workforce, colleagues, bosses, where to show solidarity, to play by their rules. Then no you are not “podsizhivayut”!

FISH. Not to tame its nature, its essence is in deep emotional experiences. Unleash the labile psyche, it is the saving way out of a crisis that will give relief.

Love, creativity, art, religious rituals, music is the area where it is possible to forget, dissolved in mysteriously euphoric mental pleasures. Don’t focus on painful problems. Now life is exciting and passionate game where you are meant to put your own scripts to be Director and actor to please an audience of fans and favorites.