How far Putin will go to the militarization of Crimea

Russia intends before the end of 2017, to fill the black sea fleet in several non-nuclear submarines capable of carrying cruise missiles. The official representative of the Navy in the occupied Sevastopol Vyacheslav Trukhachev said that we are talking about a diesel submarine “Krasnodar”, “Kolpino” and “Velikiy Novgorod”. What a terrible militarization of the Black sea and what are the goals, conducting the RF’s “Apostrophe” says the coordinator of group “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk.

Russia has long been trying on the example of the Crimea to demonstrate that she was the hostess in the black sea-Caspian region. If in the Caspian region she of the most serious enemies only Iran, but, as we know, Russia has long been friendly with Iran, the Black sea, where occur a big problem. In the Black sea, firstly, there is Turkey, which also seeks regional leadership long enough and with which Russia has a rather mysterious relationship. The period of exacerbation between the two countries is sharply replaced by a declarative period of warm friendship. In any case we do not have to say that Turkey is a loyal and reliable ally of Russia. Turkey is doing what he thinks is necessary at this stage. It is not excluded that today Erdogan embraces with Putin, and tomorrow, if the Turkish authorities decide that it is something else in the region, it will again become enemy number one for the Russians.

Another point — the presence of NATO countries, which have access to the Black sea. Accordingly, the entry of NATO ships in the Black sea causes a very negative reaction from the Russians, who start screaming about the militarization and preparations for the cold war between NATO and Russia. Clearly, however, provoked a new cold war exclusively to Moscow. That’s why for Russia so it is important to strengthen its regional positions, and she sees Crimea as a military-political springboard. That is, stuffing his troops, it shows that Russia in the region has a very strong position militarily. The same applies to the increase of the Navy in the Black sea. For a start, they have a very strong foothold with the air defence system, I mean the Crimea, stuffed his troops. Now there is formed the 22nd army of troops that were transferred for three years on the territory of Crimea. Now is the time to increase the surface and underwater components.

There is another factor that should draw attention to Russia’s actions in Syria. Russians best drag forces and funds to Syria through the surface of the Black sea. At the moment it is possible to justify all of the increase of the Navy of the Syrian needs of the Russians, but they are not due to the lining of the occupied Crimea land forces. So here the problem is not so much in Syria, as in the more global claims of the Russians.

The peak of militarization of the Crimea may depend on the situation in Syria. If Russia goes on down their presence there, then it is possible that in the Crimea we will see (at least with regard to black sea fleet), more or less stabilizing in this regard. With all the efforts, the efforts of the Russians to establish a dominance at sea, you need to understand that the Black sea is rather adverse to the theater of operations in the event of any armed conflict. The black sea is a closed and very small. Accordingly, those weapons systems that have the Russian Federation and NATO, completely cover the Black sea. Roughly speaking, these systems need to be installed on the shore and shelling the entire area. That is, the Russian black sea fleet and all naval presence of Russians in this area much sense.