Trukhanov: We have done everything to protect the citizens of Odessa from idle Delfi

The main task – to deliver the vessel on the keel for further towing

In the morning in Odessa, continuing preparations to raise the sunken tanker Delfi. Work carried out by rescuers and divers city diving service.

This was announced by the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov, writes “RBC-Ukraine”.

Tanker Delfi / Photo: press-service

According to him, the main task – to deliver the vessel on the keel for further towing.

As of 15:00 work suspended by the contractor as could not stand the rope of one of the tugs.

The works involved several pieces of equipment and 12 specialists in city services.

“From the beginning we have been providing continuous monitoring around the tanker. And the sooner would be the reaction from the responsible persons, the easier it was b the organization of the process of evacuation of the vessel,” – said the mayor of Odessa.

According to Trukhanov, the mayor’s office has done all it can to protect citizens and visitors of the city from the effects of vessel downtime.

“And today, we are really interested in the fact that the vessel left Odessa coast and our specialists help carry out all the necessary work”, – Trukhanov emphasized.

Recall Delfi tanker was wrecked off the coast of Odessa on 22 November 2019 in one of the city beaches. From the first days of the incident, city hall provided all security measures, including environmental. Also during the sinking of the tanker Odessa divers rescued three crew members.

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