Index of well-being of Ukrainians fell for a five-year “bottom”

The index of social well-being (OBI) in Ukraine decreased to the level of -55. This is evidenced by data all-Ukrainian public opinion poll of the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS).

Thus, the OBI fell to the lowest level in the last five years.

The index of individual well-being (ISS), which shows citizen satisfaction with their personal lives, was -26. The whole country average value of the OBI decreased by 4 points compared with December 2016, and ISS fell by 1 point.

“Social welfare deteriorates due to the increase in the number of those who considers that in the state moving in the wrong direction. Individual well-being virtually unchanged,” – noted in the results of the study.

It is noted that the value of an index of individual well-being significantly depends on the age of the respondents.

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“With the age of respondents decreases the number of positive ratings by all the components of the ISS, while the difference between young and elderly age groups can be observed in self-evaluation of health and happiness”, – the experts.

Recall that the value of these indices can range from -100 to 100, where -100 indicates the lowest rating and complete dissatisfaction and 100 is the highest score and overall satisfaction.