Independent (UK): Russians use a loophole to travel to Mediterranean beaches during the quarantine

In an effort to get to the Mediterranean beach, the Russians are in dire need during summer vacation, used a loophole abroad, which allows them to get around the quarantine restrictions.

According to available information, travelers seeking summer sun, are contingent on the border between Russia and Belarus.

According to the portal Russians are traveling to Minsk, capital of Belarus, where the reviews are minimal. This trip takes seven hours.

On arrival the Russians are using the fact that in this country, the mode in conditions of a pandemic coronavirus less stringent and freely fly from there to the Mediterranean countries.

In Belarus, which has no outlet to the sea, there are no restrictions related Covid-19, President Alexander Lukashenko said in March: “there are no viruses whatsoever. Here, you have not noticed, how do they fly? And I do not see”.

Despite this, to date, the world health organization (who) has registered in this country with a population of about 9.5 million people, almost 75 thousand cases of disease by this virus, and 464 deaths.

“Since then, like (in Russia) was imposed quarantine, Minsk became a caribou, a main crossroads for Russians who want to travel outside the country,” says Russian businessman with an Israeli passport Maxim Valetsky, whose family lives in London. Since then, the Kremlin in late March, shut down overseas flights, he allegedly four times already used this detour.

Domestic travel in Russia is allowed, although residents suggest this summer to stay home. But many tend to move on more equipped, hyped and popular tourist resorts.

“I want to go for a vacation wherever you want, and certainly not on the Russian coast of the Black sea”, — shared his plans with 44-year-old Elena Venediktova, a real estate agent from Moscow who had booked on the first of August a two-week vacation in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada on the Red sea, to fly through Belarus.

“Europe, may be closed, but for the rest of the sea there are many other areas. You just have to try to put a bit of effort,” she said.

The number of infected Russia ranks fourth in the world, despite the easing of restrictions imposed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, and the statement of Vladimir Putin that the Russians “caused the epidemic to recede”.

To date, the who has registered in the country 734 thousand cases Covid-19 and nearly 11,500 deaths.

The main infectious diseases Orel region Victoria Adonieva doubt the veracity of the official statistics and said that at the hospital where she works, and in other hospitals of the eagle available beds no.

“We are growing. Plateau will not,” she said.

“What kind of stabilization, about what the lifting of restrictions could there be?”.