Five alcoholic drinks for those who are on a diet

Nutritionist Keri Gans called alcoholic beverages that can be eaten on a diet – according to HB.

During the diet is usually the diet in favor of low-calorie and healthy products, but many are faced with the problem of inability of the diet, says Prevention. One of the reasons may be frequent use of alcohol, especially cocktails. Most drinks contain a lot of sugar, but when you consider that alcohol is a drink party, it turns out that at night the body gets a lot of calories that does not have time to burn.

Thus, the nutritionist advises to revise their preferences in the alcohol and choose simple drinks. In addition, Keri Gans recommends that you monitor the amount of alcohol consumed not only because of its calorie content, but also due to the fact that it whets the appetite. If you are on a diet, the expert suggests to pay attention to the following alcoholic beverages:


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Calorie per 100 g: 231 cal

The best drink of vodka – vodka with soda and a slice of lemon. Simple drink does not contain sugar, fats and carbohydrates. According to nutritionist, it is better to refuse the cocktails, where the juice or lemonade, because of the high sugar content.


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Caloric value per 100 g: 231 cal

If you don’t like rum in its pure form, can make a cocktail of diet coke. But, at the same time, should reduce the number of drinks. The worst choice is a Pina colada, which contains three times more calories and also sugar and carbohydrates.


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The calorific value of 100g: 250 cal

In addition to whiskey in its purest form, a nutritionist offers classic Manhattan, which though there are carbohydrates, but their content is insignificant.


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Calorie per 100 g: 260 cal

A good diet cocktail would be a gin Martini. There is no extra carbohydrates and sugar. But from the beloved gin and tonic will have to be abandoned because of the high sugar content.


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Caloric value per 100g: 230 cal

If you prefer cocktails, the nutritionist suggests choosing Paloma – a lighter version of the Margarita. This drink contains far less sugar and calories than a Margarita.