Hürriyet (Turkey): immunity to covid-19 — utopia?

A few days ago published the results of a new study, which is considered one of the most extensive studies on the antibodies to coronavirus infection in Europe. It turned out that the antibodies acquired by the patients with coronavirus may not be as strong and persistent.

So, scientists came to the conclusion that the immunity that is produced recover from covid-19, not strong enough and sustainable, as well as with SARS and influenza.

According to the results, people who recover from coronavirus infection, or are unable to produce enough antibodies, or the antibodies produced cannot be stored for long and begin to fade within a few months. The study was conducted in the UK and is based on a large array of reliable data.

Herd immunity — utopia

The research results greatly disappoint those who are engaged in this problem. It turns out that “herd immunity” — a utopia. More importantly, the conclusion about the decrease in the level of antibodies makes the questionable and unreliable provision of immunity by vaccine, which can be found. So what will happen? Hope for herd immunity and the vaccine was useless? In my opinion, no.

One study is not enough

I disagree with those who believe that the study conducted at the Royal College in the UK completely debunks the concept of herd immunity, and even puts the nail in the coffin of hopes for a vaccine. And it’s not my optimistic approach. The results of this new study should be confirmed in other countries, other centers and other analyses based on more number of occasions. In addition, the view that the recovery from a coronavirus infection does not give the expected degree of a strong and stable immune system, expressed by the majority of experts. I think so too…

A General expectation of about six months immune

A General expectation of experts is that this is a viral infection, apparently, able to guarantee a maximum of three to five months of immunity, as well as SARS and influenza.

Hope that actually it will be about a longer immunity, but the General opinion and expectation is. As for the question of what antibodies acquired after coronavirus disease, are rapidly disappearing… Again, we need more research on this topic.

I want to draw attention to important detail. It is a mistake to assume that immunity to the virus can be formed only with the help of antibodies. We also should not underestimate the ability to protect against the virus, which are T-cells, that is cells-the soldiers of our immune system. A recently published study showed that cellular immunity obtained due to the T-cells may be at least not less important than the immunity acquired with the participation of antibodies.

Thus, everyone who had covid-19, in varying degrees, produced by the immune system, however, the intensity and duration of acquired immunity of different people can vary, and is already a known fact.