How to love the morning and start to get up early: TOP-7 simple tips

Waking up in the morning love is not all. But many catastrophic not enough time in the day to complete their business. It is therefore important to use your time rationally and to maximize the use of the morning.

Blogger Sarah Peterson in his column shared tips on how to love the morning and start early, reports

1. So simple that it is impossible to say “no”

Alarm setting to an earlier time does not guarantee that you will Wake up. In the end, the snooze button can be pressed infinitely. What to do in this case?

The expert advises to start with a very small step – to set the alarm for one minute earlier each day. After three weeks (considering only working days) you will get up 15 minutes early and not even notice it. You will make the process so simple that it is impossible to say “no.”

Yes, to achieve the goal, for example, to get up 2 hours early have to wait a few months, but it’s better than having to abandon such plans.

2. Talk about early meetings

Agree about the early meetings with other people who get up as early as you. This is, firstly, add to the sense of responsibility. Secondly, your body is more likely to awaken if you have something planned. Remember how you Wake up a few minutes before the alarm clock when you have an important job.

So not only alarm, but the morning meetings will be an additional impetus to Wake up.

3. Create easy to spill the atmosphere

Things that surround you in the morning, also have value. For example, you are more likely to play sports if sports clothes will be prepared in advance. Place the alarm clock where it’s impossible to reach and just need to get up to turn it off. If there is such a function, put the coffee maker on a timer, so coffee was ready for your lift, etc. Think about what “improvements” for you.

4. Look for a specific cause of failure

Have you tried to get up early, but did not succeed? Try to establish exactly what steps towards this goal could not be realized. For example, you set the alarm for an earlier time, but kept postponing the climb. Perhaps you’re trying to get up much earlier and do not allow the body to gradually get used to. Or are you just not getting enough sleep, going to bed too late.

5. Find the reason that you will like

Determine what you want to get up early. It is important to find positive motivation. If you plan to get up to run, but you absolutely do not like Jogging, chances are you won’t be able to follow this schedule. Why not reformat your day? Plan in the morning what do you love and what inspires you.

6. Mark your progress

Another way to maintain motivation is a simple calendar. Hang it in the room calendar and put check marks when you got to get up early. Strikeout few weeks will encourage you to avoid gaps in the calendar in the future.

7. Tune in to what you are a “morning person”

Samonastroj is another important factor. The belief that you are a “night owl” and that the morning rises you have to overcome yourself – will have a negative impact on your plans. Just try to abandon the mantra. Maybe you just need more time to get used to the new schedule, and you will feel quite comfortable.