Tornike Shengelia: “I was there and I will be the bearer of the Georgian spirit everywhere, yet a glimmer in my soul” (Georgia online, Georgia)

First, I want to say a big thank you to all those people who are near me and has offered me support. I really hope that I will be given the opportunity to personally thank them!

I want to emphasize the fact that the statement I make is not to make excuses. Difficult to explain to those people who don’t want to hear, and they don’t even consider the possibility of changing his opinion.

Not explain to these people what it means to me to watch the game the national team of Georgia on TV and what a terrible feeling when at the peak of his career, can not help his team and country because it is so decided by the third and fourth sides.

Can not explain what I felt the joy and happiness just a few days ago, when he became the champion of Spain, and I had the opportunity to wave the Georgian flag!

They will not understand that by going to one of the best European teams, I will be able to win more and more waving our flag. I repeat, I am, Tornike Shengelia, was, is and will be the bearer of the Georgian spirit everywhere, yet a glimmer in my soul, and it will not change anybody’s comments or statements!

I’m calmer all pass this test because beside me God. I am responsible only before him, and He really knows who I am.


For reference, the Moscow club CSKA scored with the Georgian forward Tornike Shengelia, a three-year contract. According to the contract, the club agrees to let Shengelia for all matches of the national team of Georgia.

“Happy to join the current Champions of the Euroleague and look forward to the opportunity to play next to amazing basketball players, and under the guidance of a tremendous coaching staff. I hope that together with CSKA we will achieve great success in the Euroleague and VTB United League”, — quotes Shengelia official website of CSKA.