100 days of presidency: trump — or “the secret agent” of Russia, nor fascist

Before Donald trump won the election in November, we were warned that he is Russian agent. That he was a fascist. He will radically change the rules and break the traditions that underlie the management of the country. And that is not normal.

Now, as we approach the 100-day mark of his presidency, it is worth noting that the President contrary to expectations, no acts contrary to established norms. And although the first stage of the presidency of the tramp there is a lot that could be criticized, it was not “the Siberian candidate” and did not mark the second coming of Mussolini.

Let’s start with Russia. The FBI is still investigating, trying to figure out whether it was members of his campaign headquarters in collusion with Russia, and how they could work together with Russia trying to influence the presidential elections. However, in terms of real politics, trump chose against Russia is much more hard-line than the one for which he played during the election campaign, or which is held in the first few weeks in office.

In the first month of the presidency of the trump existed legitimate concerns that he will try to conclude with Russia a big deal. He boasted of having positive attitude on the part of Russian President Vladimir Putin and is a valuable “asset”. And he tried his best to save Putin’s harsh criticism, which was reserved for almost everyone else.

But the reset does not occur. Moreover, it is fair to say that trump is much kinder refers to China, traditional Asian rival Russia. Trump has completely excluded the possibility of concluding multilateral trade deals with neighbors China, known as the TRANS-Pacific partnership. He abandoned his threat to reconsider the policy of “one China,” under which the United States should not recognize the sovereignty of Taiwan. He recently said that he is not going to haunt China for currency manipulation, and claims us he is satisfied with the cooperation with Beijing against North Korea in the current nuclear crisis.

But trump is actually threatening Russia is acting just as he promised during the election campaign to act against China. His administration supported the membership of Montenegro in NATO. Russia is not only opposed it — in the words of the Prosecutor of Montenegro in October, the Russian agents were involved in the failed coup d’etat against the Prime Minister, who is the supporter of the entry of Montenegro into the Alliance.

Trump’s administration last week rejected a request by Exxon Mobil to exclude it from the sanctions regime and allow it to develop deposits of energy resources in the Black sea together with the Russian company, despite the fact that trump has selected for the post of Secretary of chief Executive officer of Exxon Mobil Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson). You might remember him — he in 2013 he received the Russian Order of Friendship.

Then this month it was decided to launch a missile attack on Syrian airbase, firing a 59 “Tomahawk” after the gas attack the Syrian government army against the rebellious population. These missile attacks on the only country in the middle East, really dependent from Russia, Moscow caught unawares, and had further damaged relations that the Kremlin was hoping to “reset” along with trump. A few days after the missile strike, the administration trump issued a dossier exposing false information about the gas attack in Syria, which has spread to Russia itself.

Now Russian-American relations went wrong. Both sides claim that they are at the lowest level in history. Russian bombers last week flew into the airspace of Alaska, checking how trump is determined. One of the American generals from among the commanders just said that Russia is arming the Taliban in Afghanistan. If trump is a Russian “mole”, it seems that this Scam is lingering, and he will have to pretend for very long.

Here we have reached the second propaganda stories about not willing to accept rules and traditions trump that he is a future dictator or a fascist. Admittedly, that card during the election campaign he has given his critics food for thought on this topic. From time to time he encouraged his supporters at rallies to violent action against the protesters. He promised to return the practice of water torture that simulates drowning, “something terrible” for terrorists captured on the battlefield. He campaigned for that banning Muslims from entering the country, and promised to build a wall on the Mexican border. And recently, trump has tried to Woo the authoritarian leaders of Egypt and Turkey. Part of this “plot” is the fact that it is half supported the far-right candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen).

All of this is alarming. And yet, the real Nazis are much better able to consolidate power and implement the agenda. The trump is not the autocratic Caesar. The courts have twice fought him in connection with the repeatedly amended the immigration decree, which was to act against countries with predominantly Muslim populations. His first attempt to repeal health care reform Obamacare or offer a replacement failed miserably. He still has not offered a bill on infrastructure spending, no tax reform, no plan for the construction of the wall.

An even greater irony is that the caller hostility of the opponents of trump’s chief strategist and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the news website Breitbart, Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon) is now in the doghouse. New the inner circle of the President consists of people like investment banker Gary Cohn (Gary Cohn) — the globalists, against which trump spoke during the election campaign. In another group of advisors composed of retired generals, for example, the national security adviser Herbert McMaster (Herbert McMaster), which is considered a counterbalance, restraining ideologists-nationalists that are so concerned about most of the opposition to trump.

Traditionally fascism is the Alliance of corporate and military elite, headed by an authoritarian leader. However, in the case of the current administration corporate and military advisers trump control him and lead him to a more traditional presidential agenda.

All indicates that no special work trump does not. He showed himself as a person absolutely not familiar with the intricacies of politics. His hostile attitude towards the media is dangerous and counterproductive. Trump still makes outrageous false statements, and prone to extreme hyperbole. He failed to take a balanced approach to solving the many conflicts of interest related to his business Empire.

But these disadvantages do not pose a threat to the very existence of the Republic. Trump submits to the courts — even though mocking their decision on Twitter. He changed his attitude to Russia. And slowly but surely, begins to resemble a person less dangerous and more normal than predicted by his enemies.