The essence of the dilemma: to do politics by killing children

During the attack, near Idlib, reportedly using chemical weapons at least a hundred people were killed, thirty of them children. This incident is the largest mass murder after the attack, done with the use of sarin gas in the ghouta district East of Damascus in 2013. The death toll in ghouta is not precisely known; the figures range from 300 to 1.5 thousand.

How many people were killed in Idlib — we probably do not know. Because today, as in the day the Assad government, which is considered the perpetrator of this crime, at first said, “It’s not us” — and then said that the chemical weapons were not used, and then the game entered its patron and left few opportunities to delve into the question of what was used and how many people were killed.

The fact that the Syrian government is not subjected to any sanctions in 2013 for the use of banned chemical weapons, again turned to this method, it is not surprising; he is a protector, and it does not bear the punishment for what he is doing.

While the debate about the nature of the bombs hamper the ability to see other tools that can be used to murder hundreds of people at a time, suprememost chemical weapons allows you to make this mass murder, the list of major crimes.

Crime at the level of assumptions

Those who are considering the situation with the massacre in Idlib as a suggestion, there are two reasons. One assumption is that a chemical weapon was not used, but the bombs were dropped on a warehouse with chemical weapons. Those who hold such a thesis, suggesting that the willingness to use chemical weapons is actually the opposition.

For example, it is true; the gun warehouse was blown up, and chemical weapons, spread out, killed civilians. So, in this situation, chemical weapons were not dropped on the ground, and was activated on earth. And if the warehouse explodes, deliberately bombing, in a sense, entails the effect of a billiard ball. Consequently, even if this assumption is true, it doesn’t change the fact that the use of chemical weapons against civilians.

And, according to another assumption, who had committed the attack, is uncertain. It can be both Assad’s forces and Russia.

The fact that this crime remains somewhere between Putin and Assad, means about the same as if Russia said Western countries: “If you have enough power to pressure me.” In fact the incident was postponed in the same plane. The UN Security Council arose a sharp dispute between Russia and Western countries.

The creation of the bloc confrontation through Assad

Russia insisted that the West don’t think about anything except the overthrow of Assad, and this kind of attacks is jeopardizing the peace talks. That is, in fact, Russia has hinted that the West does not promote stability in Syria and looking for crimes where carried out actions in the name of stability.

This will give protection in legal terms is unknown. But you can see what will be political outcome. Of course, Russia will prevent the UN resolutions, utiroa new sanctions against Syria. Nevertheless, the world and so have long lost hope in the UN. Therefore, the following will be done in circumvention of the UN.

This event proved primarily the transiency, transitory character of Assad and weaken the position of Western countries, which found reasonable, that he has for some time remained in power. Appeared to pressure clearly divided into those who are for and against Assad. Due to the nature of the arms used, the question of who was killed, has lost its meaning. In other words, the theme of “good opposition” — the “bad opposition” has lost all meaning, and all the attention focused directly on the States.

And most importantly, this event attracts US to Syria and forces them to intervene. Saddam did not give a reason the US, and Assad is given. As a result of mass killing in Idlib also found a sharp position that the United States will take against Russia.