The benefits and harms of apples: who can and who can not eat this fruit

Apple is truly a unique product which can not only benefit, but harm to the human body. Among the Apple fruit is a very common product, as it is almost a year present in our diet. Apples consumed in different forms, such as these, prepare compote, which contain large amounts of vitamins, jam, jam, jam, or simply processed for juice. The benefits and harms of apples has long been discussed by nutritionists and doctors. So let’s try to figure out who is and who not to use in the diet apples, that they bring only benefits to our body, writes

  • The benefits of apples. What vitamins are in apples

Many have heard that Apple is often called the fruit health this is true, they contain large amounts of vitamins such as C, B1, B2, P, E, including manganese and potassium. It is also one of easily absorbable sources of iron. Apples are used not only for the prevention of colds, but also for the treatment of serious diseases like malignancy. A sufficient amount of potassium to help stabilize blood pressure, but calcium is essential for strengthening tooth enamel and bone. Do not forget that apples are almost hypoallergenic and can be used for almost everything.

The fiber found in green apples, a long time to digest and do not gives a long time to feel hunger. It also contains pectin, which will help to improve the complexion and will contribute to the extension of youth and the freshness of the skin.

The use of baked apples also great as from raw apples, heat treatment, they do not lose a large amount of nutrients. Do not forget that the use of baked apples also great.

  • Harm apples

Now very common, the Apple diet, thanks to which effectively burns excess fat. And so people do not forget that being on this diet because of the rough fiber, which is found in apples, can cause exacerbation of colitis and to provoke a breach of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially the damage of apples is great for those who have gastritis or a duodenal ulcer. Because of the content in apples such as vitamins, carotene, iron, manganese, potassium and calcium are recommended in case of intestinal infections. During exacerbation of gastritis in the first week should be to eat oven-baked apples.


  • Products that oncologists are advised to ignore

Using apples to improve health and to treat gastritis. To do this, apples (preferably green ones) thoroughly wash, remove the core and grate. The grated apples are encouraged to eat early in the morning, as during the four hours before and after taking nothing to eat and by 11 o’clock you can safely eat Breakfast. Eat apples at night is not recommended, as they contribute to flatulence that can worsen the condition. The first month apples like this you need to eat daily, the second month three times a week and the third once a week. But all this must be combined with the prescribed diet, that is, to exclude from the diet of spicy and salty food, fat, coffee, strong tea, fresh bread.