Is there anything in the state budget, extra 300, 000, 000 USD?!

In Zeonbud state that a network digital TV is covering 98.1 percent of households in Chernihiv region

June 6, LLC “Zeonbud” asked the representative of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting to provide information about the situation coated digital network T2 in Chernihiv region and especially in the border areas with the Russian Federation.

In March 2020, our company analyzed the situation with covering the border areas with Russia for all 2 thousand kilometers, so we were able to promptly supply information to the National Council. In the analysis we have identified areas where there is no reception of the signal of T2 (due to topography), but it is theoretically possible reception of Russian television. Selected villages in these areas and considered households. In Chernihiv region received the following indicators:

  • coating digital network of LLC “Zeonbud” 98.1% of the population in Chernihiv region;
  • of the settlements located on the border with Russia, only 6 (six) have problems with signal reception, digital television network, of which five numbers from 29 to 68 residents. Only in the village of Gremyach is home to more than a thousand residents, but there is a problem with the signal only in part of the village, which is located in the lowland river Sudost.

Thus, the problems with access to digital television in border areas Chernihiv region have a maximum of 293 households, of which 192 are located in the village of Gremyach. That is, if you solve this problem radically, it is enough to set in HREM’yach a low power transmitter to a sum of 300 thousand hryvnias.

But state Concern RRT, as it turned out, for solving this problem proposes to establish in the region of 6 (six!) powerful transmitters and requested 300 million (!) hryvnias from the state budget for radical removal of threats to information security and in other areas. So stated in the letter to the Cabinet of Ministers of Petrov Valentin, the now former head of Administration of State special communication service.

It looks particularly odd given the fact that the 5 transmitters will be installed in the same cell towers where located transmitting stations T2 digital network, three of which – Nizhyn, Pryluky and Bakhmach, it is South of the region therefore they have no relationship to border broadcasting.