Mariupol police a second time saved the daughter of a negligent mother

In Mariupol, the police rescued the child fell from the window, whose mother left for the whole night home alone, police said.

“At night, the child was scared, so the girl decided to descend from the room through the window of the 3rd floor on the ledges on the building. Slipped and fell”, – said the police.

At 5 a.m. police officers who were on duty for the protection of the administrative building of the regional police headquarters, he heard a child’s voice. To put forward rozysknik Maxim Jumps and free shift police officers.

Police said that the source, whence came the sound, find it difficult.

“The voice of the verse, and around the darkness reigned. The lights were burning in the apartment window on the third floor. And suddenly we saw that on the ground lay a child! After seeing it on the absence of fractures, we called doctors,” – said the investigator.

Three minutes later the ambulance arrived, which hospitalized the baby to the health facility.

As for her mother, 33-year-old woman explained to police that alone brings up two children. Yesterday her second child was with the father and a 6-year-old girl had to look after my grandmother. Previously, it was found that the grandmother missed the bus, so the child never arrived.

It is worth noting that this mother was brought to administrative responsibility 22 March, when her daughter found on the street by a passerby. Then the girl left the woman grandfather, walking with him on the street, ran over a dog and lost.