How did the prices in Ukraine: in the state statistics service has estimated the level of inflation

The most expensive fruit also became more expensive cost of meat and bread

Inflation in the consumer market in June 2020 in comparison with indicators of may 2020 amounted to 0.2%, from the beginning of the year was 2.0%. Core inflation in June compared to may 2020 amounted to 0.0 per cent, since the beginning of the year – 1.5%. This is reported in the State statistics service.

In the consumer market in June, prices for foodstuffs and soft drinks rose by 0.4%. Most (8.4%) more expensive fruits. 2.3 a 0.4% increase in the prices of poultry, butter, bread, sunflower oil, beef, sour cream. At the same time, up 4.7% on cheaper vegetables, 1.3% to 0.9% – milk, sugar, rice, lard, pork.

Prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco increased by 0.5%, due to higher prices of tobacco products by 1.1%.

Inflation laid low with the prices until the end of summer