How and how much you need sleep to look younger in your sleep

They say that enough sleep also has beneficial effects on the appearance, and beauty treatments. How to sleep to look younger in the dream and Wake up in the morning full of energy, writes “Evening Ishmael.”


  • Five things that spoil your sleep

So there are a few rules that promote good sleep

  • Going to bed before midnight. Best time is from 22.00 to 23.00.
  • Discipline yourself to go to bed at a certain time – that would make it a conditioned reflex, promotes easy falling asleep and deeper sleep.
  • Do not drink coffee after 14: 00. The effects of caffeine lasts longer than people think.
  • Do not try to sleep “in reserve” is guaranteed to lead to nocturnal insomnia. If the day I’m falling asleep – take a NAP an hour after lunch, but don’t try to sleep in complete. The weekend is also not recommended to sleep until noon – just 1-2 hours of additional sleep.
  • Sleep in the dark – forget the lamps, the Windows hang curtains that protect from the light of lights and advertising signs. Melatonin is necessary for the recovery of the body, is produced only in the dark. Even a weak light source is enough to melatonin stopped.
  • Do not cram the night, during dinner avoid fatty food and trudnootdelyaemoy. The process of digestion takes approximately three to four hours. And until this process is complete, the rest of the body may not be considered.
  • Do not start brainstorming after 21 hours – will dedicate this finer things in life: reading, communication with other people. A gradual decrease of mental activity to the end of the day makes it easier to fall asleep.
  • Air the bedroom fresh air has a soporific effect. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep in a well ventilated room. It is best to walk before bedtime. If not – go to the balcony or breathe near an open window.
  • Drink hypnotic drink brew yourself herbal tea from chamomile, peppermint, lavender, oregano, lemon balm and drink in slow SIPS before bed. This will not only help quickly to sleep, but also beneficial for the skin. Another classic “sleeping pills” – warm milk with honey. But do not overdo it with the amount of honey: a teaspoon of honey relaxes, dining room tone.
  • Create a ritual of bedtime – it may be a good book, conversation with a friend or mom on the phone.
  • Take a bath. Bath will not only relax, but also to fully clean the skin, making it most receptive to cosmetic remedies.
  • Provide the optimal temperature for sleep. Because night sleep in a stuffy room – a guarantee of morning headaches. The optimum temperature for the room where you sleep – 18-20 degrees. Better dress warmly, cover up with a blanket, but sleep in the cool. When teaching yourself to this, gradually reducing the temperature in the bedroom.
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