Electricity can seriously appreciate

The national Commission for regulation of preparing the tariff for electricity transmission and dispatching since 1 August. Electricity can seriously appreciate

The authorities want to get into the pocket to Ukrainian industry. We are talking about increasing from 1 August tariff NEK Ukrenergo for electricity transmission and dispatching, which will lead to higher prices on the electrics for the industry. That, of course, will lead to higher prices for goods and services. And you pay for everything the end user, that is each of us. No, the price of a kilowatt-hour “current” for the population, remaining unchanged since 2017 will not increase, but all will suffer. Against a rise are many, from experts to MPs, believing it to be unfounded.

The market or “Bazaar”

We will remind, the new model of electricity market operates in Ukraine for the second year – from 1 July 2019. The main difference from previous models: instead of one structure there were two electricity suppliers and operators of distribution networks. The largest and most important among them is the national energy company “Ukrenergo”. She operates the high-voltage main and interstate power lines, and centralized dispatching control of the United energy system of the country. And services this structure is getting more expensive by leaps and bounds.

Since the launch of the new energy tariff of the NPC “Ukrenergo” has increased by 100% from 57 UAH / MWh UAH to 113 MW-h, then to 155,4 UAH/MW-h Now NKREKU initiated a regular increase from 1 August more than doubled, to 327,97 UAH/MW-h Is without VAT, with VAT it turns out 393,5 MWh. According to head of the national Commission Valery Tarasyuk, the final decision should be taken by the Commission on July 11.

Tarasyuk explained that the reason of increase of tariffs for dispatching was signed in June a Memorandum between the Cabinet and the producers of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) on the terms of repayment accumulated before them billions of dollars of debt. However, at the hearing, which took place this week, MPs and experts suggested a number of solutions that will allow not to raise the tariff and to solve the problem of “green” generation. But NKREKU for unknown reasons, continues to insist on higher prices.

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