The situation in Ukraine: how should the EU respond?

The weapon on Donbass never was silent, but now again broke out an open war.

Avdeevka deliberately shelled with heavy artillery and rocket launchers of the residential areas of Donetsk.

Nearly 20 thousand people were forced to live in fear for their lives. They stayed in the city without electricity, with reduced heat and water. The same fate threatens to 400 thousand inhabitants of the region.

We are talking about a humanitarian catastrophe in Central Europe.

So now is not the time to speculate about the contents of a telephone conversation between presidents Putin and trump. Now is not the time to speculate about that, whether accidentally with this conversation coincided with the military actions of Russia-backed militants.

These days, the decisiveness of the EU is needed more than ever.

European policy must show that she has enough strength and will to compensate for the current unpredictability of US policy. Europe must insist on an immediate cease-fire.

The one who now sings with the populists and speaks about the lifting of sanctions, Putin sends a signal: it is possible to act and continue in the same spirit.

Therefore Brussels must help people in distress. It needs to give the Kremlin and the rebels a clear political signal that each further inhumane action will have consequences.

It is not yet clear what foreign policy line in the end is going to be decisive in Washington, while the political intimacy between President trump and President Putin does not Bode well.

The commonality in the thinking of the ideology of Dugin and’bannon scary. However, review of the new American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in connection with military operations in the Donbas may indicate that even the President Donald trump is not ready to accept aggression from Russia.

The cohesion of the EU in its policy towards Russia will be a serious test of strength to the upcoming national elections. But now, just over a month ago, the EU reaffirmed its sanctions against the Kremlin policy.

We should be United and confident to represent the position of Washington, speaking for the preservation of American sanctions.

In this case, the addressee of diplomatic efforts should be not only the White house but also Congress.

The lack of a strong response and desire to avoid conflict with Russia, the Kremlin regards as a sign of weakness, which should be exploited. Europeans should convey to their partners across the Atlantic, the bitter experience of the conflicts in the encirclement of Russia.

Any political compromise — including the Minsk agreement — should consider the answer to the question of what in fact the Kremlin wants. If he really is interested in stabilization in Ukraine? Or Donbass need him as a constant source of tension?

The existing system of peace and security in the continent was established, together with Russia and the United States. Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine and put it under doubt, but Germany and the EU should strongly defend this system.

For Ukraine, this means that the EU must do everything possible to stabilize the country economically and politically.

This is not to prevent a deal between President trump and President Putin at Ukraine’s expense.

The prospect of Ukraine’s membership in the EU should remain open — despite the fact that the European Union at the moment there is fatigue from the admission of new members, and Kiev are still far from ready to join.

After the Euromaidan, Ukraine has committed to implement an ambitious and comprehensive reform program. Has begun the most ambitious transformation since the country’s independence. After completing the criteria for visa liberalization, Ukraine has shown its willingness to reform, and now the EU has to keep his promise.

Of course, the force of inertia of the old system is still large, but new, young, focused on EU’s power in civil society and politics, through international pressure to promote reform.

Yes, the reform movement threatens not only the Kremlin, but the corrupt elite of Ukraine.

But closed doors, the EU is playing into the hands of these forces.

Only with the assistance of the European Union the possible economic and social transformation of Ukraine. In this case, the country would become an example for the entire region.

Use this chance — of vital interest to Ersouza.

Marieluise Beck member of the Bundestag, member of PACE, the speaker of the faction “the Union 90/Green” policy in Eastern Europe