The Kremlin is digging himself a hole

Meeting Poroshenko and trump is very important and, of course, that trump met with the President of Ukraine informed than to meet with President Putin is a significant moment. This tramp once again stressed that Ukraine was for him a priority, and Russia is the country which most need to confront than to cooperate with it. Including to resist and Ukraine. This is a very important sign, and in diplomacy, such signs are always significant. Moreover, trump said that the meeting with Poroshenko and all Poroshenko’s visit to him is very important.

Now illusions of hope and drink champagne in the Russian Duma finally ended. It is clear that the election trump did not change anything, but rather only exacerbated the trends that had become apparent under President Obama. And even here the question is not whether trump had something to do with Russia, the Kremlin or the FSB before his election or not. Maybe was and maybe wasn’t — I don’t know. This will resolve the U.S. investigation.

It is essential that as President he will fight for support in Russia, and the United States. He needs the support of the American people, not the Kremlin rulers. Because the support of the American people is to support the great country that produces a quarter of the world resource, which has the world’s most powerful armed forces, and the support of Russia is actually supporting tyrants, which today is, and tomorrow they are not. To imagine otherwise was just silly, as well as to drink champagne.

Not by chance in his time in comments on the election trump Mr Kasyanov, a former Prime Minister, said that those who drink champagne — on the way to drink bitter.

Meeting Poroshenko and trump isn’t just happening in the background of the Ukrainian events, but on the background of world events. Aggravated the relations between the coalition headed by the USA and Russia in Syria. The other day the plane was shot down the Assad regime, which bombed Kurdish forces opposed to Assad. But the United States and the coalition have made it clear that he will not allow anyone to attack their allies. But Assad was doing it and I must say — Russian troops too.

Ahead of what? Or open military confrontation, which was in Vietnam in the era of the war between North and South Vietnam, or something else — hard to say. But it is clear that trump is more and more, because of the circumstances and inflexible will of Congress and the us court, becoming the anti-Kremlin positions. It is inevitable. About it many said before his election, when his election became real. It is happening now.

But then we all have to make some important conclusions. Yesterday, the United States adopted new sanctions package, plus the West in General was extended by the previous sanctions. It’s all dodavit the Kremlin. With Putin or without him — that’s another conversation. But just dodavit. In Russia is rapidly falling living standards, and the government, unable to manage, only exacerbates the situation with their inept actions. In particular the fact that gives everything to his entourage, thus depriving most of the population, even the little that he had. Accordingly, embittering the population against itself.

Just today, the Duma passed a law banning information about the property of protected persons and the expansion of rights for their protection. This will cause even more anger companies. So the Kremlin is digging himself a hole. It is by far. In this context, Ukraine should avoid drastic action. The hot heads in Kiev began to speak about “the Croatian solution” Donetsk question, that is, on unilateral military actions of Ukraine on restoration of the sovereignty over the Donbas occupied by separatists — is, I’m done with the filing of the Kremlin. Because it is only in the hands of the Kremlin. And if Ukraine now will start some military action, all of Europe and the United States will turn away from it. Most of all they are afraid of open war. They are trying to force Russia to do the same thing without a shot, without blood and war.

And Ukraine now is the time not to succumb to these seemingly Patriotic provocation. And then, I think, the problem is that you want in Ukraine, and which requires all of mankind — it is not far off.