Science and Technology Daily (China): what drink should not get involved in the summer? Dispel myths

In summer, many saved from the heat with drinks. Mineral and sparkling water, tea with milk, fruit juices… From such diversity makes you dizzy. At the same time, some widespread beliefs about these drinks. The use of too much mineral water leads to lack of calcium, drinks without sugar cause cancer, and fruit juices can remove toxins. How these beliefs true? Let’s face it.

Drinks without sugar cause cancer?

Many believe that drinks without sugar of synthetic and can cause harm to the body. Often they are credited and carcinogenic properties.

In fact, sugar-free drinks are made with added sweeteners. Because the sweeteners dissolve easily in water and thermally stable, they can give the drink a sweet taste. The almost sweeteners do not give energy, so they are widely used in the food industry in the United States, Europe, China and many other countries and regions. Moreover, some types of sweeteners have been used for over a hundred years.

It should be noted that the safety of sweeteners has been confirmed by international bodies for food safety. Thus, if the sweeteners are used in the production according to the rules, they are safe and can not cause harm.

Soda destroys your teeth?

Sparkling water in recent years has become one of the most popular drinks. But many worried that its excessive use may have a negative impact on dental health.

The reason why many believe carbonated water harmful is the content of baking soda. However, the water is not retained in the mouth for too long and does not have time to affect the enamel of the teeth, so don’t worry.

Please note that consumption of sugar-containing carbonated beverages is more likely to lead to tooth decay.

Fruit juices can flush toxins?

Many consider juice a healthy drink but it is completely wrong. Fruit juices can harm the body.

First, the process of juicing lose fiber and some nutrients contained in fresh fruits. Thus, the juice is left a very small amount of vitamin C and antioxidant substances. Second, the sugar contained in fruit juices are free, and their use must be monitored. Thus, even pure juices not to drink too much.

As for the elimination of toxins, then there’s no scientific evidence. All the detox diet is actually useless and even harmful to health. Some people think that diarrhea after drinking juice is a sign of cleansing the body of toxins. Actually it is because too high content of fructose or violations of sanitary norms.

The use of a decoction of prunes can help you lose weight?

A decoction of plum very popular in the North of China. Many people like to use it along with the kebabs, considering that it can neutralize the harm of fatty foods and promote weight loss.

A decoction of dried prunes are rich in antioxidants, but it does not affect the breakdown of fats. Moreover, the broth is very pleasant to the taste due to high sugar content. In the bottle volume of 500 ml contains about 50 grams of sugar. Excessive consumption of this drink not only helps to lose weight, on the contrary, it can lead to its set.