Interview with President trump: “the Real hate is the hate from the other side” (The Washington Post, USA)

When I walked into the Oval office, the President trump was looking through the recent polls (internal and not only), who showed that in the key swing States he is on par with Joe Biden or ahead of it. “PA — equally. Florida one more. Wisconsin — one more. Texas — five more. Arizona: trump — 49, Biden — 45; NC: trump three more. And then Montana: the trump lot more 52-38” he said.

Although some people in the Republican party can, and panicking about the results of other surveys showing that re-election will not be easy, the President retains confidence. “I haven’t even started the campaign,” he said. He added: “Now because of the coronavirus to campaign a bit difficult. What he did with us, China, unbelievable. We were going smoothly, gradually overcoming obstacles, and it was impossible to stop. And then there was this. And it’s a shame, but now [we] must get back to work. But I think we are doing very well.”

Our conversation turned to negative media coverage of his brilliant speech at mount Rushmore on the third of July. This, according to him, “in fact, was not gloomy, but quite the opposite.” “This is the other side all dark…. They are trying to destroy everything. And I think they’re crazy, but I think they are still evil. There is some kind of evil. And I can’t believe that there will be no more counter response. I mean, on my part. But people who are on the other side of the problem, like lambs being led to the slaughter. They are like sheep being led to slaughter. Kill them if they don’t back down.”

In his speech, trump paid tribute to Abraham Lincoln for winning the Civil war and the signing of the “Proclamation emancipation proclamation” and called slavery “shameful institution.” So why trump is so adamant about the protection of memorials and monuments to the personalities of the Confederation? “No, I’m not inflexible,- the President is responsible. But I am determined to preserve the past. It’s part of our history. They demolished everything. They destroy the story, they destroy very much, mark. They destroy everything and call it a “culture of cancellations”. Don’t think that’s a good term, but actually it is very descriptive, says a lot…. They want to cancel. They want to abolish the good and the bad. They started with the fact that overturned what had been ambiguous and controversial, and I actually talked about this years ago…. “So, next will be George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?”. And it turns out that they do the following…. I kind of said it half-jokingly, and now people say, “trump was right.” These people are crazy. They are completely insane”.

The President’s critics in the media equate his criticism of the crowds that rioted and demolished the monuments, criticized the broader movement for racial justice. So I asked him directly: “do you Support peaceful protests?”. “Peaceful protests for racial justice? Of course. Peaceful protests, period. Of course. I support peaceful protests,” he said. What he does not support is the violence of the crowd and a “culture of cancellations”. “There were people who were ultra & radical maniacs, it was the anarchists, and they were the instigators and agitators. There were other people, and they don’t know what they were doing. In all this mess”.

He believes that the violence was suppressed due to its harsh reaction. “In Minneapolis after a few days of observing this fiasco, I demanded to send in the National guard, he says. And as soon as the guards walked in — I don’t know if you remember — as soon as they appeared, they lined up on the street, passed through it like a knife cuts butter, and it was all over. Everything stopped”

© AP Photo, Alex BrandonПрезидент USA Donald trump speaks on the occasion of the independence Day of USA

Trump also alleges that the movement “black Lives matter” (Black Lives Matter) preaches violence against the police. “Look at people who run by them, they’re Marxists, they’re people that we don’t need, he said. — However, they are almost the same as this group of great people. And look at what happened with the riots, look at everything that happened, I think that this is a very, very divisive, seditious group. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Today, many people don’t want to talk about it because they don’t have the courage to talk about it. But they feel it, understand. [National basketball Association] is now writing on the grounds in large letters — Black Lives Matter. This massive trend, the mainstream, but the people running this movement, not the mainstream”.

I recalled that after the murder of George Floyd, in memorial Day, millions of Americans have been a peaceful March, and that most of them are not for a “culture of cancellations”, nor for violence against police, and demand racial justice. “Me too,” interrupted trump.

Trump also says he does not feel love for the Confederacy. “I’m against it. I was with her did not agree. I was born in new York, I’m against it…. I — Yankees. But I am also a supporter of freedom of speech, and I attach great importance to history. To eliminate history, erase it from memory is impossible. If you forget it, then be sure to repeat”. According to the President, he was concerned about where this will lead, if to succumb to a “culture of cancellations”. “Destroyed the rebel? Well, let them. Then they will destroy all who are against the confederates. I mean that they do not need George Washington….. I saw them demolish the monument to abolitionist. It will never cease.”

What about FORTS and bases named after Confederate generals? We don’t have a base named after Benedict Arnold, who entered our history because he was a traitor. These generals of the Confederacy was “Benedictine Arnoldi” of his time. “I believe that is quite another matter,’ replied the tramp. — Most interesting is that these databases were named in someone’s honor many years after the war. And they were named in someone’s honor as a sign of reconciliation to unite our country. And then, all of a sudden, they cancel it. So, I’m not advocating for or against these names because most names you know Fort Bragg, but no one knows who General Bragg. But of these FORTS, we won two world wars. We won two world wars. And, does anyone in this regard, there is at least some bias? Of all these places, we have achieved great success, and we have been very lucky. And now we have no reason, no reason will change their names? And in honor of whom we call?”.

How about to name them in honor of some American heroes that trump called during his speech at mount Rushmore? “Yes, but I’m not sure it will be possible to convince them of this, — he answered. This does not agree”. He added: “I Believe that this is a dangerous idea. Well, we remove the name, and then who will we call him? It’s not merely to assign someone’s name, this will end the battles.”

But if he could dispose of in the solution of this question, would he rename them? “If I could decide…” he paused and thought for a moment. And then said, “I attach great importance to history. For me it was Fort Bragg, named in honor of someone as a sign of reconciliation. I mean, he was a General, he was recalcitrant he was bad, but this was done in order to reconciliation. These FORTS were named in honor of someone to the draw, the South, because the years was a strong hostility. To join the South…. But, I interrupted, is already done, so the names are no longer needed. “Yes, but you can also say that is it then they have violated the agreement?”. In addition, according to the President, “to find such a person will not be easy…. That is, we say, let’s find someone that everybody loved. There is no such person…. Database can not be called even in honor of George Washington.”

He’s wrong. If trump has ordered the military to rename the base in honor of the “founding fathers”, he would have been a blow for a “culture of cancellations”, not yielding to her. The left argue that the South and North was built on slavery. Trump it would be easier to defend the North if he renamed base and forced their opponents to protest and say that calling military installations in honor of Washington and Jefferson is inappropriate.

But trump is absolutely right, preparing to repel a “culture of cancellations”. And his idea will find response in the hearts of far more people than many in Washington. “To say what I say, you need to have courage, he said. — I mean, I understand that would make it much easier, but that would be wrong. I could say that I’m against all (“I against I full,’ all that hatred”). True hatred is not hatred on my part. A real hatred for much of what we say is hatred on the other side.”

“Maybe what I say is the voice in the wilderness, he said. But most people agrees with me. And many do not say, they probably won’t even tell during the interview. But I think that they will say the election”.