Clash of the choirs: the young Ukrainian women have won the prestigious competition in Berlin

Talented Ukrainians continue to conquer the planet. Last week, the chamber choir Kiev music school. Lysenko consisting of girls aged 10-17, win the Junior “Grand Prix of Nations — 2017” in Berlin, which is considered the most prestigious competition in the world. “Today” has learned that stopped our rivals and what a prize was awarded to Ukrainian.

BERLIN. Clash of the choirs lasted four days, opponents of Ukrainian women were three dozen teams from 15 countries from around the world — Germany, Austria, Slovenia, China, Brazil… Level of participants was high: listening to rivals, our girls sometimes felt that they never win. “Children of the 9th class very upset to hear the pure vocal ensemble from the Netherlands. Even said we do not beat them, — told “Today” head of our choir Julia Puchko-Kolesnik. But, to our good fortune, under ideal sounding Dutch have shown the monotonous, boring program. We had a repertoire that emphasized the diversity of the emotional connotation of the works.” So, in Berlin our choir performed works by contemporary Ukrainian composers and choral adaptation of Ukrainian folk music. “Open with “Vier Pori rock” Lesya Dychko, “Oh, Vflm.” by Anna Havrylets. For this amount we received a score of 90.3 out of 100. The next day, sang “o heavenly King” Irina Alekseichuk, Mykola Lysenko, Yevhen Stankovych, — said Julia. And despite the fact that, for example, the German choir effectively sang spirituals, stomping on them, the more the jury liked our contrast of classic and folk songs.”

Difficulties beset Ukrainian women not only during the performances. So, one of the young chorus girls before the concert, I forgot the vest from the costume — with difficulty, but managed to find a replacement. “And one soloist generally lost jacket, — said Julia. — What can you do, it’s about the children”. Importantly, all this did not prevent our talents to produce absolute victory: the girls won gold in all three categories: youth choir, spiritual, and ethnic music!

It is interesting that, according to beam-Kolesnik, the main prize of the contest, the team didn’t know until the award ceremony. “For victory in each category we were handed a check for 1000 euros, in the amount of 3000 Euro. Although personally, I think that we sang in a million! — said Julia. — How to spend the prize will be decided at the parent meeting.”

The choirmaster recognizes that funds for the development of the choir there’s always not enough. For example, won 3000 euros is not enough to pay for next competition which will be held in Salzburg, Austria. “We have to rely on the help of parents and patrons. For example, for several years, we, the fellows of the presidential Fund of Leonid Kuchma, for which we are very grateful, says the choirmaster. — And that’s money in the budget for the development of our choir is not always enough”.

“Begin to sing after geometry”

Sing in the choir girls from 10 to 17 years. Because the school is a boarding school at the Kyiv Conservatory, all the students live there permanently, combining education and music. “In order to get to the study, children must qualify — after all it is a school for gifted children, — says Julia. — You need to prove that their hearing and sense of rhythm better than the rest.” The teacher says that the school tried to combine the educational process with the music so that it was for the benefit of students. “Vocal lessons, we put the third lesson, for example, after the geometry or physical education, because the voice completely waking up by noon”.