“It’s not just pneumonia”: a doctor from Lutsk told about the features of coronavirus

The medic told about the course of the disease and warned about the consequences, based on my experience

Despite the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine and the death of more than 1,200 people, many do not believe that the infection poses a real danger to life.

To convince “skeptics”, head of infectious and pulmonary departments of the Volyn regional hospital Oleg Yakovenko in his Facebook explained what is a threat COVID-19.

The physician described the disease in different patients, concomitant diseases and their treatment.

“Today the world is divided into those who believe in COVID-19 and no, to those who had COVID-19 and yet, for those who are engaged in this problem and no. Sick all – young and old, rich and poor, teachers and clergy, doctors and all the other social layers of the population,” – said Yakovenko.

The doctor admitted that “the most sorry conscious people, regardless of their social status who became ill or died from COVID-19 because of the “reckless faith blinders”.