Coronavirus in Ukraine: during the day, more than 800 cases

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the infection has claimed the lives of Ukrainians 1327

The epidemic of coronavirus infection are not slowing down in Ukraine. For the last day, July 8, COVID-19 diagnosed 810 Ukrainians.

As is indicated by the data monitoring system of the national security Council, in Ukraine, COVID-19 ill 51 224 people. 1327 infected died from the infection (21 people dead in the last day). Since the beginning of epidemic infection was cured 23 784 Ukrainian (665 in recent days).

More detailed data on the daily briefing about the coronavirus was announced by the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov.

“For the past day ill 810 people, including 48 children and 56 doctors. Was hospitalized 222 people. Recorded 12 deaths. While recovered 665 patients. Just for all the time of a pandemic ill 51 224 inhabitants, of whom 3682 child and 7148 physicians. Just recovered 784 24 human deaths – 1327”, – he said.

Stepanov said that over the past day was held on 29 261 testing, of which 13 938 PCR and 15 323 ELISA test. Yesterday, most cases of coronavirus infection recorded in the Lviv region – 119, Rivne – 76, Transcarpathian – 89, Kiev – 93.