The opening of the “Okhmatdet” and the situation with COVID-19: Zelensky held a meeting

The epidemic situation is getting better, with the exception of some regions

While the epidemic of coronavirus in Ukraine is on the decline, authorities are scratching their heads over the start of the new academic year with the beginning of autumn, and discussed the future opening of a new branch of children’s hospital “OKHMATDYT”.

About it the speech went at the meeting with the President of Ukraine, reports the Office of the President.

The government is now studying the experience of other countries in preparation for the new academic year on 1 September in a pandemic. The Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal pointed to the fact that today in Ukraine exceeded epidporog it and 62.4 persons per 100 thousand of the population (the permissible level of 60 patients per 100 thousand). However, the Prime Minister said that the incidence of “jumped” due to outbreaks of coronavirus in some regions – in the West and in Kiev.

At the same time, the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov reported to the President about reducing the number of people who have fixed the pneumonia, and said that 21 people with COVID-19, who died in recent days, had serious comorbidities and were at risk.

The health Ministry also promised to deal with the situation in Kharkiv regional hospital of infectious diseases, where not enough beds or doctors.

In turn, President Vladimir Zelensky said that he expects the prompt opening of the hospital “OKHMATDYT”, which was postponed from 1 June to end of July in connection with the epidemic.

“Yes, it was difficult to complete all of the emerging coronavirus pandemic. But we are now fairly stabilized the situation both economically and in health. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate discovery for the treatment of Ukrainian children to the best of our children’s hospital “Okhmatdet”, – said the head of state.

As reported “Today” in April this year in Kiev completed the new building “Okhmatdet”. After that it was supplied with the latest equipment and installed it. However, the timing of opening the new building had to be postponed, although originally planned it on the Day of children protection, June 1.