Business Insider (USA): residents Nonoxy located near a military training ground, where last year probably blew Putin’s missile doomsday, warned about working with military experts.

On Sunday residents of the Russian village of nyonoksa, which is located in the North of the country near a secret military training facility, has warned that they are in the “danger zone”, and they were given the opportunity to evacuate from the area on the eve of the regular military works.

— The ground in Nyonoksa, which is carried out weapons testing, this is the place where in August of last year, there was a mysterious explosion. The prevailing view is that the explosion was linked to the missile test “Petrel”, a doomsday weapon, which in 2018, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

— A few years earlier in a house in Nenoksa were “accidental” cruise missile during tests suddenly changed the trajectory.

The warning, sent out Sunday to the residents of the village located to the North of the country near the secret testing ground for weapons, where in recent years have repeatedly occurred emergency situation, resulting in catastrophic consequences, it was said that they are in the “danger zone”, and had been advised to evacuate before the upcoming scheduled works, which will be held by the military.

In the message received from the neighboring city of Severodvinsk, the inhabitants of Nenoksa informed that in this district, starting from Tuesday, 1st research center of the military unit number 09703 will carry out the work.

The representative of the local administration said that before the beginning of military operations (the nature of which was not specified) “willing to travel” to the residents of the village of nyonoksa, which has a population of about 500 people, buses will be assigned.

As reported the edition “the Moscow times” (The Moscow Times) the authorities also sent a warning to ships plying the White sea.

It is unclear exactly what events are planned nearby. Voluntary evacuation can be carried out for routine testing, as it was before. But not all weapons testing in the area was a full-time or held in accordance with the plan.

Polygon “nenoksa” was built in the 1950-ies and is used for testing of several weapons systems, mainly weapons of naval forces.

In August, the result of a mysterious explosion off the coast near Nenoksa five people died and several were injured. In Russia it was called a different version of events, however, the head of the Russian state holding company Rosatom, the state Corporation for atomic energy, said that the work was associated with the development of new types of weapons.

After a deadly explosion in a large cloud of inert radioactive gases that swept over nearby villages, was discovered short-lived radioactive isotopes.

Based on data published by the Federal service for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring “Rosgidromet”, the experts on nuclear weapons have come to the conclusion that it was the explosion of a nuclear reactor.

As he wrote, “new York times” (the New York Times), us intelligence officials believe that the explosion was linked to the testing of the prototype cruise missile “Burevestnik” 9М730 — doomsday weapon, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in March 2018.

Last year President Donald trump Twitter called “the ill-fated rocket explosion in Russia” explosion “Skyfall” (“Skyfall”), referring to the “Thunderbird” in accordance with its code, adopted in NATO.

Putin boasted that the rocket “Thunderbird”, which NATO called the SSC-X-9 Skyfall, is “invulnerable” weapons, but its development is delayed due to repeated failures. Russia, which, apparently, tried to cover up the accident in August last year, and has not confirmed that the explosion occurred during testing of a rocket “savages”.

The concept of the rocket with on-Board nuclear propulsion system known from the times of the cold war, but, according to experts, these projects refused — mainly because they were expensive, dangerous and often impractical.

From the explosion — not the first case when in nenoksa problems arise as a result of weapons testing. At the end of 2015, during testing of a cruise missile appeared off-nominal situation, the rocket hit a residential house, causing the building caught fire. As reported independent online newspaper “Barents observer” (The Barents Observer), was damaged four apartments, but no one was hurt.