The doctors explained why there is early graying

Gray hair is a sign that too often people experiencing stress. This myth, the doctors debunked quite a long time, because, actually, there are many reasons why at an early age can appear gray hair, writes “Orthodox”.

In General, the formation of gray hair is the result of the process of bleaching hair due to the loss of pigments responsible for coloring hair in a certain color, resulting in hair is filled with air bubbles. There are three main reasons why there is such a process.

Firstly, heredity. Usually, the human hair with the speed with which he saddles his father or mother.

Second, complex congenital disease. Even chronic colds of man is soon to turn gray. But most of the gray becomes a consequence of the transferred complex of viral diseases or infections.

Thirdly, the constant worrying and stress. The constant depression, frequent anxiety and stress affect the overall health of the body and the state of the hair cells including. Due to the fact that the latter do not receive in time the necessary vitamins and nutrients, hair can turn gray.