Zelenski awarded Potap, Tina Karol and other prominent Ukrainians (photo)

“If a person is really talented, the state is very important to show it to people”

President Vladimir Zelensky to the Day of Constitution awarded the outstanding Ukrainians. The decree was signed on June 27, but only today the head of state personally presented the order to artists, sportsmen, academics and other areas for merit to the Motherland.

It is reported by the Office of the President.

The awards were presented for significant personal contribution to nation-building, strengthening national security, scientific-technical, cultural and educational development of the Ukrainian state, weighty labor achievements, many years of hard work. The President thus showed that the country is indifferent to his talents.

“All people are different attitude to the state awards: someone waits a lifetime, someone says that it is a relic of the Soviet Union. For somebody, particularly for folk artists, TV presenters and famous people, it’s just reward. I think first of all it is very important for the state, because it knows exactly who rewards. It is important to note people when they are with us, and not when the whole country and the whole world knows that he is a great man, and only now I saw that he was worthy of his state. If a person is really talented, the state is very important to show it to people. Because there are many areas where we have really talented people, but nobody knows them because they are not shown every day on TV, but they do a lot for Ukraine,” said Zelensky.

So, singer, composer and producer Alexey Potapenko (Potap) awarded the honorary title “Honored artist of Ukraine”. According to him, for him, this award demonstrates the recognition of hip-hop culture from the state.

“I had a childhood dream since childhood, wanted to be a person who is engaged in hip-hop culture, has ever been recognized by its government. And there it was. That’s all my state awards will end, because I wrote his name in history as the recognition of the state of hip-hop and rap culture in my face,” he said.

Singer Iryna Bilyk and Tina Karol received the order of Princess Olga III degree.

“If there is a strong Ukrainian state, the desired state awards strong and talented people. I am grateful for the confidence and love for my art everyone who loves me,” said Bilyk.

General Director – artistic Director of the Kiev academic theatre of operetta Bogdan Strutinsky awarded the order “For merits” of I degree. Film Director and screenwriter Nariman Aliyev awarded the honorary title “Honored artist of Ukraine”.

As reported by news “Today,” Constitution Day, which was celebrated on 28 June, Zelensky has recorded a video message.