In Ukraine has become more work: anyone looking for a business in quarantine

The last thing businesses need lawyers and designers

Quarantine in Ukraine has been ongoing for almost four months. Because of the quarantine and the crisis, many were left without work, but with restrictions may have begun to remove and life is slowly returning to normal. In particular, employment is again increasing the number of vacancies.

“From April to may the number of vacancies increased in all the spheres presented on OLX Work. While a similar trend is observed if we compare may with “dekorativnym” February, almost all categories of proposals were more, some even two or three times: in the spheres of service and life (+156%) and protection (+219%)”, — noted in the company OLX.

“With the advent of quarantine in March-April, employers have more to post vacancies related to work in the field of transport and logistics as well as construction and architecture. In the period of adaptive quarantine (may-June) in the list of industries with the highest number of vacancies were HR management and information technology, as well as jobs in transport and logistics” — said the expert recruitment portal Jooble.

There are “real” money: how rising wages of Ukrainians with the weakening of the quarantine

From January to June, the smallest number of vacancies on the recruitment portal were placed in the field of law, security, design, media and printing. In dekorativny period, adaptive in the quarantine list of the least popular areas for placing the vacancies were in accounting, auditing, consulting, and in March-April was looking for the company’s staff of the real estate industry.

Applicants are often interested in the vacancies in wholesale and retail trade, transport, logistics, manufacturing, construction, and also the area of accounting, auditing and consulting.

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