The dollar in Ukraine has fallen in price, and the Euro rose sharply

The national Bank calculated the value of the Ukrainian currency against the dollar and Euro

On Tuesday, July 7, the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has calculated the official rate of hryvnia against major foreign currencies:

1 USD – UAH 27,13;
1 Euro of 30.72 UAH;
10 Russian rubles – UAH 3,78.

Thus, in comparison with values of 6 July, the dollar fell by four pennies after a decline of a penny in the previous banking day. But for a week from June 30 to July 6 – the national currency still weakened against the U.S. by 44 kopecks.

The jump in the dollar, analysts associated with the dismissal of the NBU Governor Yakov Smoliy. The experts warned that the impact of this factor may be of short duration and the national Bank actively supported the hryvnia with the help of auctions on the interbank market.

“The dollar quickly broke the mark of 27 UAH/USD, then no resignation Smoliy would not have happened. His resignation immediately sparked demand for the currency, primarily from non-residents (with government bonds worth about 100 billion UAH). Market participants fear the change of policy of the regulator and increasing the emission of the hryvnia, all this activates buyers. The national Bank tried to keep the devaluation of the hryvnia, injecting currency into the market for the relief of strong demand, and he succeeded, clearing rate went down,” explained a senior analyst at GK Forex Club Andrey Shevchishin.

The Euro thus rose by 21 kopecks after falling 17 cents in the previous banking day. The value of 10 Russian rubles has dropped to a penny.