Fitness for astronauts and women after childbirth: what is Sky Jumping and why it is never delayed onset muscle soreness

Along with the growing popularity of the sport in the world, more and more new types of fitness. Recently in Ukraine came Sky Jumping sessions on the trampoline under the fiery music. It came up with the Czechs in the 2000s, we have it first appeared in Lviv in 2012 and only now started to develop in Kiev. I have experienced a novelty.

When in the hall I was greeted by the instructor Maria Risi, the first thing she asked me where my towel. “You can’t even imagine what wet leaves after a workout!” — she explained. “Yes, Yes! — I picked up one of the girls, who also came to the class. — After an hour of jumping t-shirt and leggings sopping wet”. My “counterpart” fitness was the name of Alexander, and this is her fifth lesson. “At first glance, the sky-jumping seems easy, — says Alexander. — It would seem, well what is there to jump? But somewhere in the middle of the workout start to feel every muscle. The result of jumping I felt immediately: after the second class noticed that I have increased endurance. After the trampoline, I quietly standing in the bar.”

NO DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS. Before the training was five minutes, the hall was already six girls. “This type of fitness is suitable for both women and men. The players, for example, are also engaged in on the trampoline. It develops koordinaciyu movements, increases joint mobility, strengthens cardiovascular system, and thus the minimum load joints — explains Maria. But we have a women’s club, because the groups only girl. In fact, the trampoline has been used. For example, in NASA for the rehabilitation of astronauts who returned from space: jumping back to normal vestibular apparatus. If you compare the classes on the trampoline with the jumping rope or Jogging, the first 3-4 times higher and the stress on the joints 70-80% less. By the way, after sky jumping there is no fever or it is very minimal.”

Trampoline was a universal simulator

JUMPING DOWN. As a rule, one lesson lasts 55 minutes. 40 minutes is a cardio and 15 minutes of power. If the power is focused more on upper body (strengthen muscles of chest, shoulders, back and abdominal), aerobic’s at the bottom. Exercises are learning fast. We are engaged in rhythmic music. Looks like dancing on a trampoline. New track — a new combination of movements.

Fun. Jump to the music

To the middle of the class the amplitude of the jump increases, the pace quickens, because it is very important to control the center of the body, the movement technique”. “And the music can be enjoyed?” — I am interested in. “Only if we jump even higher — laughs Maria. — Average pace in the classroom — 135-140 bpm (jumps per minute — Ed.). But warming up at 120”.

The power load. Strengthen muscles of chest, shoulders, back, press

“And so it begins! — Maria said and got up on the trampoline. — Knees are relaxed. The entire foot should touch the plane of the trampoline, the belly is tucked up, do not work the lower back. Try to jump down.” “Like this?” — I was surprised. “When you start to bounce on the trampoline, feel equipment — continued Maria. — Trampoline vytaskival body up, because I want to jump up too, succumb to inertia, to swing. But our task is to jump down as if you want to get down on the floor through the trampoline. That is to push the surface of the trampoline down. In this case, we will reach the goal — engage in the active work of the whole body”.

Jumping is executed to a certain technology

WHO CAN NOT. During the class at any moment can go off the trampoline to get a drink of water or take a break. “But don’t stop abruptly — said the coach — gradually reduce the load, go to the step and only then scroll down. Absolutely fine, if you want to use the toilet: while jumping into the work include pelvic floor muscles”.

By the way, this is why women after childbirth (and not only, of course) recommend to practice Sky jumping. But pregnant women don’t need to do. Not recommended to do on the trampoline in the group format also people with chronic cardiovascular disease, in early postoperative period with severe back problems or joints at the stages of exacerbation, severe varicose veins, bronchial asthma. You need to understand that we are talking about group training. But on a personal trampoline classes you can use in working with people who have the above problems. Why? Because it can be “operated” quite differently in different types of training.

For all other classes: they privodjat a fine figure, have a preventive effect with flat feet, strengthen the spine and joints, and develop coordination and endurance. By the way, last I found the problem: in the second half of the workout strength began to melt. “It is normal for the first class, — cheered the coach. In the second exercise you will feel more confident”. And indeed, delayed onset muscle soreness the next day, I was not.

A break. Jumping on trampolines develop a resistance