The AMCU has fined the “Borispol” to 12.7 million UAH

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (ISU) has fined the airport “Borispol” more than 12,78 million UAH. This was written couponmachine AMC Agia Zagrebelsky on his page in Facebook.

“Finished hearing about the abuse of GP “MA “Borispol” monopoly position on the market of specialized services of the airport. Imposed on GP “MA “Borispol” a penalty of 12,78 million UAH”, – wrote Zagrebelsky.

In particular, the AMCU has accused the state-owned enterprise in the Commission of acts that could lead to restriction of competition on the markets of ground handling in the territory of “Borispol”.

According to the report Zagrebelsky, such actions are unjustified refusal to approve applications for a certificate of compliance for the implementation of airport activity and delays during approval of internal documents, LLC “Interavia” required to obtain a certificate of conformity for the implementation of airport activity. GP is also accused of setting fees for the use of airport infrastructure at an unjustified level.

In addition to a fine, the airport is obligated until March 1, 2017 to stop the violation by bringing charges for the use of airport infrastructure and equipment that is not included in the infrastructure, but is used to provide ground handling services to economically reasonable level.

Also, the airport needs to distinguish between accounts on its activities to infrastructure management and regulatory activities on the one hand, and accounts for the provision of ground handling services, on the other, avoiding after the distribution subsidizing the activities of ground handling at the expense of incomes received from their activities of infrastructure management and regulatory activities.