Der Tagesspiegel (Germany): as Russia is struggling with a rainbow

Homosexuality in Russia is forbidden. Now conservative Alliance of women ganged up on ice cream because of an alleged promotion of homosexuality.

Russia is afraid of everything. Danger lurks everywhere, often in unexpected places: for example, in front of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow or in ice cream. At least some think so.

Risks are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo and violet colors of the rainbow, especially when it represents a tolerance for diversity, as well as fight for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT community). These people in Russia have to live a difficult life, and here is another proof.

Chairman of the Union of women of Russia Ekaterina Lakhova afraid of the promotion of homosexuality. She participated in the drafting of a new Constitution, which entered into the sieve at the end of last week. It further reinforced the conservative values of Russia: under the marriage is only the Union of man and woman, and of the requirement of “marriage for all” can now long forgotten.

Many “traditionally” – minded Russians like it, and homosexuality is oppressed. On the eve of the referendum on introducing amendments to the Constitution that was the subject of a video in which a gay couple adopted a child-orphan. The meaning of this overloaded prejudices of the video was this: to prevent this, one should vote for a new Constitution.

Save the values of the Constitution

But Lakhov continue to haunt the horrors: it seems that some colors are dangerous. At a recent video conference with President Vladimir Putin, she demanded the authorities to deal with the demonstration of the rainbow in public spaces, particularly in advertising. “I’d love to still the values that we have tried to lay out in our Constitution, was in control, and we had, indeed, instructed,” said 72-year-old ex-Deputy. According to her, rainbow makes her an equally negative feelings as the swastika.

The reason for her discontent was the Russian ice cream production under the name “rainbow”, which allegedly promotes homosexuality.

“Propaganda, we are not supposed to be, but today we have billboards, for example, hang bright, beautiful these colors. Like it quiet, with beautiful words, or advertise ice cream, which is also called “the Rainbow”: consume this ice cream and so forth — complained Lakhova. Is indirectly, but still makes our children get used to the color, to the flag, which hung on the Embassy” (Embassy of USA).

She urged Putin to order the relevant authorities to monitor the situation.

A law against “homosexual propaganda” has existed since 2013

To go so far, Putin does not want. He said that if there is reason to assume that this is “propaganda of non — traditional values to us”, then it must be built “public control”. “Not aggressive, is the most important thing,” he said.

Lakhova later stated that her words were misinterpreted.

In Russia in 2013 there is a law prohibiting manifestations of homosexual love or remarks on this subject in the presence of minors. LGBT activists and human rights defenders are constantly complaining about the growing hate and aggression against people with different sexual orientation, while it remains unpunished. Many fear for their lives were forced to emigrate to the West.

Russia is not homophobic, says Putin

A law against “homosexual propaganda”, has long been criticized, especially abroad. Last year, pop singer Elton John has publicly complained about the situation in Russia. Putin said that his country treats LGBT people “calmly and absolutely impartially.” To call Russia a homophobic country, he said, unfair. About the law he said that people should first grow up “and then to determine their own destiny.”

The topic of homosexuality during the conversation were raised in connection with the recent emergence of the rainbow flag on the facade of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The Kremlin has criticized this, arguing that “the law is unacceptable.” According to Putin, this flag showed “something about who works there”. In the Internet appeared the video, where people passing in front of the Embassy, trampled the rainbow flag with their feet.

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LGBT people should be “eliminated”

Although Russia and growing a new tolerant generation ready to live in a diverse society, the conservative majority still can not accept departures from the so-called “traditional values”. This is confirmed, in particular, recent public opinion polls: every fifth Russian is confident that the LGBT community should “eliminate”.

Manufacturer of ice cream says for its part that it is not in any way a propaganda tool, and it complies with the law and stands for traditional family relationships. According to the management company, the rainbow is a symbol of joy.